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adidas Cycling Socks

Every piece of your riding kit matters, right down to your cycling socks. Complete your cycling outfit with a pair of purpose-built cycling socks. Whether you ride indoors or outdoors, on smooth paved roads or rough gravel roads, or you prefer the thrill of winding singletrack, you need bike socks that are up for the challenge of focused riding. Sock length is a hot topic with cyclists. Triathletes often prefer hidden or ankle-height socks, while traditional road cyclists prefer calf or quarter-length socks for riding. The choice is yours. Our wide selection of quarter and crew socks is designed to keep your feet comfortable while you ride. Comfy bike socks are socks that manage sweat and keep your feet dry and fresh, plus we have socks that stay put. Our socks are made from breathable knits that keep your feet cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

The best way to prepare for cycling season is to stock up on dedicated bike socks. Buy your socks in sets so you always have a fresh pair when it's time to hit the saddle and get on the bike. We have a cycling sock set to match every type of riding. Choose from quarter socks, crew length and more styles. Our socks are available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find the ideal pair to match your style, your kit or your riding destination. Whether you're a casual rider or a competitive cyclist, adidas cycling socks let you perform at your best and simply enjoy your time on the bike. Cool, dry socks translate to comfy feet. And comfortable feet let you ride without distraction, focus on your effort or simply relax as you roll out the miles. Do yourself a favor and update your collection of cycling socks so you always have a fresh pair when the bike calls.

Of course, your bike jersey, shorts and shoes are top priorities when it comes to staying comfortable and happy on the bike. But never discount the importance of high-quality, purpose-built socks when it comes to getting on your bike. Choosing the right socks means wearing socks that manage heat, sweat and overall comfort inside your cycling shoes. Competitive road cyclists will appreciate our thin, lightweight cycling quarter socks that match the low-profile fit of road shoes. Indoor training and spin class aficionados will appreciate the dry comfort of adidas AEROREADY cycling socks that keep their feet dry and fresh through extended efforts. Mountain bikers and gravel cyclists will appreciate the stay-put fit of our bike socks, while anyone with a serious cycling habit will want to choose from our cycling sock sets so they always have a fresh pair of socks in the drawer.

Whether you are training for a century ride, sweating it out in a spin class or planning for an extended bikepacking adventure, every piece of your cycling kit matters, right down to your socks. If a matching cycling kit is what you're after, you can gear up from head to toe with adidas cycling clothes. Find the jersey that matches your style. Choose from shorts, tights or bibs to complement the look, and finish off your look with cycling socks that are designed for comfort. adidas AEROREADY manages moisture to keep your feet cool, dry and fresh through short intense efforts and long endurance rides alike. Sock height matters, and we have calf-height socks, ankle socks and cycling quarter socks to match your bike gear. Every detail matters on the bike, so choose adidas cycling socks when it's time to gear up and pedal out the miles.