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Cycling accessories for every cyclist

Put on your helmet, tie up your shoelaces, layer up with base layers, complete your look with cycling accessories, and get ready to ride. adidas knows how essential it is to prepare cyclists for long distance journeys, whether for training or racing. That is why we have a complete range of cycling gear and accessories to help you reach your riding potential. For all experience levels, men and women, we will help you complete your outfit to last through all seasons of the year. Our cycling accessories include cycling socks, backpacks, watches, and more, all designed to enhance performance, letting you focus on the road while you ride.

Cycling essentials to complete your outfit

An often overlooked cycling accessory is cycling socks. They are worn just about everyday and a must-have for preventing soreness and irritation when cycling. Our cycling wool socks are made with a soft, breathable blend of wool and fibers that help control your temperature and sweat through all weather conditions. Whether it be hot, cold or wet, these socks will adjust your foot temperature accordingly, keeping you feeling cool and dry on your bike. These cycling socks also provide support in the arch and cushioning beneath the toe and heel, so you remain comfortable and warm even on long rides.

Other adidas cycling accessories

Another essential is a good, solid water bottle. Choose from our easy-to-open water bottles made from heavy-duty plastic or steel. These are a must-have for staying hydrated on the road. Explore our range of adidas backpacks, a smart item to strap on your back if traveling long distances. Good for carrying extra items like jackets or food, our backpacks have plenty of compartments and pockets to safely fit your belongings. For those who want to track distance and bodily functions, shop our range of tech watches that monitor heart rate, distance, time and more.