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Boys sports socks


Boys’ performance sports socks

Help your kids take their performance to the next level with supportive sports socks that pair perfectly with their trendy adidas shoes and sportswear. After all, kids’ shoes are just one component of their feet’s comfort. Boys’ performance sports socks by adidas are designed with young feet and active lifestyles in mind. Ready to provide the support they need at home, school, training in the gym or on the soccer field, explore our range of supportive boys’ performance sports socks.

Workout socks for boys

Built for training hard and smashing personal bests, boys’ performance sports socks battle heat and moisture with ventilated materials and sweat-wicking technologies. These materials work to wick sweat away from your kids’ feet as their activity level and bodies start to heat up. Built with cushioning in the toes, your young athletes will feel light on their toes with enhanced comfort and a secure fit. Built for the track and turf, our boys’ sports socks come in different styles and colors. Choose black to avoid muddy stains, white for an Originals adidas look, or flashy colors for a statement sock. Finished off with our Trefoil logo and 3-Stripes, our adidas socks are just as iconic as the rest of our gear.

Boys’ sports socks made for on the go

Rooted in sportswear design, our boys’ socks can be worn casually as well as on the field on game day. Choose from styles including knee socks, low-cut, crew, no-show and more, all designed to pair with different styles of shoes and keep their feet and lower legs comfortable. Lightweight and stretchy, our socks for boys are an essential footwear item, keeping them dry and comfortable with moisture-wicking fabrics and added cushioning.