Weight Training Shoes

Power through your personal best in adidas weightlifting shoes. Made with breathable textile and mid-foot support to bring you comfort and control. Shop all adidas weightlifting gear here.

adidas Weightlifting Shoes 

Find your footing on the mat through the most challenging sessions with supportive weightlifting shoes from adidas. Whether you're focused on getting to the next level in training or setting a new personal best during competition, adidas has you covered with sturdy powerlifting shoes that prioritize comfort right along with performance. Make you next session at the gym a productive one. Weight lifting is about much more than sheer power. It takes balance, technique and determination. Work on your lifting technique with a foundation designed for stability under pressure. adidas lifting shoes feature elevated heels to improve your lifting posture. You can count on a flexible forefoot to encourage natural movement, solid midsole support to provide stability plus secure hook-and-loop straps for a locked in feel. 

The combination of laces plus a hook-and-loop midfoot strap delivers the kind of stable platform that you can count on for every lift, no matter how big. Upgrade your training gear with versatile weight training shoes like the Adipower and Powerlift 2.0 shoes. You can complete your gym look with your favorite adidas training clothes and accessories for a high-performance feel from head to toe. Shop adidas for weightlifting shoes you can wear to power through to the last rep with confidence.

Weight Training Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to weightlifting, it's important to choose shoes that provide stability, support and a solid base. Weightlifting shoes are specifically designed to meet these requirements. They typically have a flat and firm sole, which allows for optimal contact with the ground and helps you maintain balance during heavy lifts. Additionally, weightlifting shoes often have a raised heel, which can help improve ankle mobility and allow for better squat depth. Ultimately, the best shoes for weightlifting are those that fit well, provide the necessary support and enhance your performance in the gym.
Flat shoes can be a suitable choice for lifting weights, especially for exercises that require a stable base and a strong connection to the ground. Flat shoes, such as minimalist training shoes or even certain types of athletic shoes, can provide a solid foundation and allow for better force transfer during lifts like deadlifts or squats. However, it's important to consider individual preferences and biomechanics, as some lifters may find that weightlifting shoes with a slight heel elevation offer benefits for their specific needs and range of motion.
When choosing weightlifting shoes, there are a few key factors to consider. Look for shoes with a flat and stable sole that provides a solid base, allowing for optimal contact with the ground during lifts. A raised heel can be beneficial for improving ankle mobility and squat depth. Additionally, prioritize shoes that offer good support and a secure fit to minimize the risk of injury. It's also important to consider the shoe's durability, breathability and overall comfort for prolonged training sessions.