Boys Basketball Gear

Get them ready for hoops season with boys' basketball clothes and shoes from adidas. They're comfortable, colorful and ready for the court or the street.

adidas Boys' Basketball Clothes & Shoes

Get them ready to play the sport they love in our boys' basketball clothes and shoes. Whether they're looking for comfortable boys' basketball sneakers, a cool T-shirt to wear to school or a pair of shorts to work on their game in, we have everything they need at adidas. Basketball is the sport synonymous with the sneaker revolution, often pushing boundaries with eye-catching colors and bold designs. Shoes like the Cross Em Up are great for kids with wide feet. They have a textile upper and a lightweight Cloudfoam midsole for a plush feel all game long. Boys can chase after the loose ball, grab the rebound or push the fast break while feeling comfortable, which helps them stay in the zone. Padding on the ankle feels soft and cushy, while a herringbone-style rubber outsole supports hard cuts and changes of direction to give kids swift traction in all areas of the court.

Boys' basketball sneakers like the Lockdown have a breathable mesh upper and a lightweight feel, so kids stay comfortable while they get shots up or play with their friends outside. The adidas Bounce midsole offers energized cushioning as they drive to the rim or shoot it from deep. Circular patterns on the sturdy rubber outsole help them execute those sharp cuts or change directions on a dime without losing traction. The outsole of these boys' basketball sneakers is durable enough to be worn at the basketball gym, during PE class or when they're out with their friends in the driveway. The laces wrap around all the way to the ankles for a snug, locked-in feel from the moment they lace them up. If they want to rock the same look as their hoop heroes, signature shoes from Donovan Mitchell, Damian Lillard, Trae Young, James Harden, Derrick Rose or Candace Parker can make all the difference. Each of their signature sneakers reflects their unique style of play and fashion sense, so kids can rep their favorite player from tip-off till the last whistle.

Boys' basketball shirts are colorful and versatile. Kids can wear them on their way to school, to hang out with friends or to work on their game. They can put them on to work on their shooting, rebounding or ballhandling. You can go with a minimal design to mix or match with the rest of their clothes, or a graphic shirt with a design inspired by the sport, a movie or their favorite player. Collaborations with Disney, Marvel and LEGO® let kids express their hobbies outside of basketball. They can wear our boys' basketball clothes and shoes to class, to play video games with their friends or to watch the basketball game with the family. Shirts with AEROREADY help keep them dry, whether they're dribbling, hoisting up a long-distance shot or just hanging out at home.

Boys' basketball pants come through in the clutch, no matter the occasion. Kids can wear them to play when the weather calls for something thicker than shorts or to go about their day at school or at home. Pants made of fleece keep them warm and cozy when it's chilly out, while French terry has a soft and fuzzy feel they can wear anytime. They can rock them with a pair of slides, adidas socks or a new pair of boys' basketball sneakers to complete the look. Pair them with a soft hoodie or a colorful jacket when it's cold out, or a pair of shorts to hit the court in style. Check out our lineup of boys' basketball clothes and shoes, and get them geared up for anything their day has in store.

Boys Basketball Gear Frequently Asked Questions

To play the game, you'll need a few essential pieces of basketball gear. Firstly, a basketball that suits your age and skill level. Secondly, appropriate athletic shoes with good traction and ankle support. Comfortable and moisture-wicking clothing, such as shorts and a jersey or t-shirt, is also recommended. Additionally, consider wearing basketball-specific socks for added cushioning and support. Lastly, if playing competitively, a mouthguard and protective gear like knee pads may be necessary for added safety.
Basketball shorts are typically made of lightweight and breathable materials to provide comfort and freedom of movement on the court. They are commonly constructed from synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon, which offer durability, moisture-wicking properties and quick-drying capabilities. These materials help to keep the player cool and dry during intense physical activity. Some girls' and boys' basketball shorts also feature mesh panels or vents to enhance breathability and airflow for added comfort.
f you're looking for a gift for someone who loves basketball, consider these options. Basketball apparel, such as a jersey or t-shirt of their favorite team or player, can be a great choice or performance basketball shorts and t-shirts. Basketball accessories like a quality basketball, a basketball backpack or a sports water bottle can also be practical and appreciated. Additionally, tickets to a basketball game, a basketball training session or a basketball-related book or documentary can make for a memorable and enjoyable gift.