Blue Running Shorts

Stand out from the competition in blue running shorts. With different fits and feels for practices and personal records, your top speed is within reach.

adidas Blue Running Shorts

Whether you're going for a quick trot around the block, a weekend run or your scheduled treadmill workout, try a pair of our blue running shorts to get you through your next run. Our blue athletic shorts are made to keep you comfortable while you put in the work. Grab a pair of blue workout shorts from adidas if you plan to hit the weights, do some agility drills or train for that marathon you've been looking forward to. Designs with a curved hem give you ample room to move freely, so you never feel constrained by the material.

Blue running shorts with AEROREADY technology are made with soft and stretchy fabric that wicks moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable from the first step to the last mile. Blue athletic shorts with a split-hem design give you maximum range of motion to tackle steep inclines or run tall stairs without a hitch. Navy-blue running shorts with an inner pocket let you stash your cash or keys while you find your stride. Check out our selection of adidas blue running shorts, and get that next PR while enjoying every second of the process.