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Blue Basketball Shorts

Whether you're hooping at the gym or going out casually, adidas blue basketball shorts help you keep comfortable while sporting your favorite color.

adidas Blue Basketball Shorts

Everybody has a game they love to play and a color that's their favorite. For hoopers who love the many shades of blue, blue basketball shorts from adidas are the perfect fit with an eye-catching hue. Light blues the color of the sky to sharp racer blues to deep shades of navy, basketball shorts from adidas cover a wide range of the spectrum. Color is a huge element of style and clues the world in to your vibe. Make a bold statement in a shade of blue that can't miss, whether you're playing pickup ball or just moving through your day.

adidas has a nice selection of blue athletic shorts that are great for all kinds of activities, not just basketball. From all-purpose gym shorts to short tights and running shorts, the brand with the 3-Stripes is your ultimate source for blue workout shorts, not to mention tons of other popular colors. Once you've got a color in mind, turn your attention to the different silhouettes, fabrics and features. Whether it's for playing the game or just looking the part, performance AEROREADY technology keeps you feeling dry and in the zone, on and off the court. Shop blue basketball shorts from adidas, and play in a shade you love.