Biker Shorts

Whether you're looking for biker shorts to wear for a workout or to give you a casual, everyday look, adidas has the shorts for you. Shop sweat-wicking styles to pair with your favorite tank top or cotton styles for all-day comfort.

adidas Bike Shorts for Cycling and More

Get locked in for whatever your day brings with adidas bike shorts. From running around the city to trying out that new gym class, bike shorts have you covered and supported the whole way. Sweat-absorbing, breathable fabric means they work for everything from the volleyball court to a morning jog to, yes, cycling. Flexible biker shorts are made to move, so put them to the test and go for that new personal best. Shop adidas online for supportive bike shorts to take on your day.

Biker Shorts Frequently Asked Questions

Cyclists wear bike shorts for a few reasons: first, because they fit tight to the skin so that flowing fabric can’t get caught in wheels. Bike shorts often are designed with padding, which makes long rides more comfortable. Also important: Snug-fitting shorts and jerseys help reduce aerodynamic drag for racers. Fitted bike-style shorts can also be great for workouts, yoga or casual wear, with stretchy fabric that’s cut to stay out of your way. Read about how to prevent chafing with the right gear on our blog.
Cycling shorts are supposed to fit snugly. They’re made with stretchy fabric designed to move with you while you’re biking or working out. The hems on cycling shorts generally fall about mid-thigh and have grip or “hold” on the inside to keep the material from riding up. When you cycle, it’s best to avoid loose-fitting shorts that will billow out or could even get caught in a wheel.
You can wear shorts over bike shorts if the fabric isn’t so long or flowing that it could get caught in a wheel. An option for extra coverage is the skort: a short skirt with a pair of short tights built in. Skorts and short tights are both good options for the casual rider and are commonly seen out on the road.