Basketball Graphic Shirts

Show everyone you're all about hoops in one of our basketball graphic tees. Choose from a subtle or vibrant basketball graphic to suit your vibe.

adidas Basketball Graphic Tees

Nothing shows you're a hoops fan better than our basketball graphic tees. Whether you're into a minimal look or a vibrant design to show your basketball DNA, adidas has a wide range of styles and designs to suit your imagination. Our signature athletes each have their own designs that nod to their on-court flair and personality. Breeze past your defender like Trae Young, soar over the opposition like Donovan Mitchell or pull up on a dime and let it fly from deep like Damian Lillard. Other stars like James Harden, Derrick Rose, Candace Parker, Tracy McGrady and Gilbert Arenas also have basketball graphic t-shirts to show you're a true fan of the game. Take your defender one-on-one like The Beard, show that pep-in-your-step like Rose or prove you can do it all on the court like Candace Parker. Each design is unique and eye-catching, so you can rep your favorite player proudly.

You can also rock our basketball graphic hoodies, perfect for those chilly days of the year when you need a little more than a t-shirt. Hoodies made with fleece fabric are soft and warm, keeping you cozy throughout those cold days, whether you're working on your game at a local court or kicking-back watching the game on TV with some friends. While hoodies are not performance clothing, they help keep you warm when you want to get a few shots up, work on your ball handling or play a quick warmup game with friends. Trae Young basketball graphic hoodies are vibrant and colorful. James Harden hoodies are inspired by his love of fashion. Damian Lillard hoodies honor his undying loyalty and love of music and boxing. Donovan Mitchell hoodies are inspired by his unequivocal belief and the work ethic that helped carve his way to basketball stardom.

When it gets a little warmer, our basketball graphic tank tops come through in the clutch. Tank tops made with AEROREADY help keep you dry and comfortable through your game, workout or while you kick it with friends off the court. Tank tops with HEAT.RDY technology let you keep cool while the heat is on. That could be the last stretch of the fourth quarter or those hot summer days that don't let up. Wear one of our basketball graphic tank tops, and prove you're a true fan of the game while you keep cool and comfortable. Work on your jump shot, your free-throw stroke or your finishing ability around the rim. Get in a quick game of 21 or gather your friends and pick teams to show who will come out on top. Our basketball graphic tees and tank tops let everyone know you're true to the game.

Basketball graphic tees with a Lil' Stripe graphic are a fun-loving way to share your love for the sport. You could find this cartoon character sleeping above the rim or working on his tan at the beach. Lil' Stripe designs are often full of color with an eye-catching look. You can also opt for more minimal designs that still show you're a fan of the game. Wear one with your favorite player's signature logo, the classic 3-Stripes or the Badge of Sport to honor adidas tradition. Basketball tees are versatile enough to be worn on and off the court. Put them on to play ball with friends, play video games or take part in a family barbecue. Check out our lineup of basketball graphic tees, and find the style, color or design you like the best. Rock it the next time you go out to hoop, or wear it any day of the week.