4D 4DFWD Running Shoes

Wherever you are in your running journey, keep going forward. adidas 4DFWD running shoes ride on a 3D-printed midsole that redirects impact energy into forward motion.

adidas 4D 4Dfwd Running Shoes

Running is all about forward momentum, and so are 4D 4DFWD running shoes from adidas. Made with a 3D-printed 4D midsole, they're designed to enhance forward momentum, making every stride feel easier. To come up with this innovative design, we studied the gait cycle of thousands of runners and explored more than five million possible midsole lattice variations. We came up with one cell shape that optimizes forward motion when your foot impacts the ground. How? By reducing braking forces and redirecting the impact energy into forward momentum. So when you stride along in a pair of 4D 4DFWD running sneakers, it feels more like gliding than stop-and-go pounding on pavement.

Whether you're a seasoned distance runner or just like getting out for a few laps around the neighborhood, 4D 4DFWD running footwear delivers the same smooth ride. Look for an adidas PRIMEKNIT upper that wraps your feet in a foot-hugging fit. Superior traction comes from the Continental™ Rubber outsole, which delivers extraordinary grip in wet and dry conditions. Our range of 4D 4DFWD athletic shoes includes the 4DFWD Pulse, designed for high-school athletes and cross-trainers who run to gain an edge in their primary sport. For all the reasons you run, 4D 4DFWD running shoes from adidas are here to make the miles feel easier. Shop our selection today, and discover what they can do.