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Women's Medium Support Sports Bras

Women’s medium-impact sports bras offer the support you want without sacrificing the comfort you need. Perfect for when the intensity picks up during practice and when trophies are on the line.

Women’s Medium Support Sports Bras

When it comes to the workout, you put in the work. Medium support bras are extremely versatile and suit a wide range of body sizes and sports, offering a great balance of support and comfort. Many factors go into making your session great, including wearing a sports bra fitted for your body and your sport. Dominate your training with support and coverage for maximum performance in an adidas medium support sports bra.

Medium-Impact Sports Bras

Our medium support bras feature sleek performance fabric with sweat-wicking technology that keeps you feeling cool, dry and comfortable – great for medium intensity activities like training, circuits, spin or cycling, tennis, skiing, weightlifting and gymnastics. 

The medium support sports bra is ideal to reduce uncomfortable bounce during your session. Constructed with high compression for mid-level support, the wide straps take the pressure off your shoulders, while open back designs keep the bra looking feminine and sporty. From high-neck to scoop neck, medium-impact sports bras come with different types of coverage so you feel comfortable no matter your cup size.

Our medium support Studio bras are made with super-soft fabric that moves with your body for fluid motion. Inspired by ballet wear, the seams emphasize full articulation of the body and contour the female form – perfect for a more close-to-body feel in studio sports like yoga, Pilates and barre.

Learn whether a medium-support sports bra meets your unique cup size and activity needs through videos and easy-to-understand tips about bras with medium support.

How to Fit Your Sports Bra

Don't let an uncomfortable sports bra take your focus off your workout. Quickly find the right sports bra for you with step-by-step instructions and videos that guide you through the process of making sure you're wearing the right size and getting the right amount of support for your sport.