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Rugby Accessories


Support your game with the best: rugby accessories by adidas

The adidas range of rugby accessories contains everything you need to support your game. Whether you are on the field or just preparing for the game or training, dive into this range of accessories to help you feel the part. From head guards to specially designed sport socks; from rugby boot studs to duffel bags; from water bottles to headwear, this range of rugby gear has been designed with the rugby player in mind. adidas has used the latest technology and materials to ensure comfort on and off the field, allowing you to focus on your game. Cushioned, cotton-rich materials have been used in the socks, while lightweight, durable material has gone into the creation of the bags making them easy to carry. Steel water bottles help prevent the purchase of single-use plastics as adidas works towards environmental sustainability.

Play to win, from start to finish

At adidas, you’ll find all the essential rugby gear required by anyone who wants to play the game. The durable duffel bags have been designed with care and provide ample storage for your cleats, water bottle and rugby outfit as you head to practise or to a game. Stay protected in any mud or ruck with the polyester/elastane head guard which fits snugly to your head, with soft jersey lining that is padded for extra protection. There are various socks, from ankle to crew length, all designed with heel to toe cushioning and arch support; and if you are playing on soft ground, you may need to add your boot studs to aid your grip, and adidas has included replacement studs in its range of rugby accessories. If you are a fan of the All Blacks, you are in luck with the adidas range of rugby accessories as they have created a selection of branded merchandise for the fans, from caps and hats, through to scarves and even replica New Zealand rugby balls for the super fans.