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Samba Shoes

A beloved silhouette for a reason, the adidas Originals Samba shoes carry with them a legacy built by athletes, musicians and artists over the last 70 years.
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adidas Originals Samba Shoes

A staple of the 3-Stripes lineup, adidas Originals Samba shoes have been a favorite of soccer players, skaters and trendsetters for over 70 years. And as they're reimagined by each new generation of designers and collaborators, adidas Originals Samba sneakers find new fans. Sambas adorn famous feet everywhere, from athletes to artists, actors to rappers — even Lionel Messi in his personalized pair. Designed in 1949, they were named in celebration of Brazilian samba and Carnaval, ahead of the country hosting the 1950 World Cup. With their clean lines, retro vibes and gold lettering on the side, adidas Originals Samba shoes have come a long way from the football pitch to become a style that's instantly recognizable and super wearable.

adidas Sambas designed for sports are beloved by athletes for their reliable traction and tough, reinforced T-toe design, while adidas Samba boots have stacked platform soles that'll elevate you and your style game. From Disney collabs to classic styles, there are adidas Originals Samba sneakers to suit everyone. They're great-looking shoes that'll work with just about everything in your wardrobe. So whether you've already got a pair of Samba sneakers or three, you won't want to miss the latest, freshest take on these timeless classics. Pick up a pair of adidas Originals Samba shoes today, and pick up compliments all decade long.