Originals Crop Tops


adidas Originals Crop Tops

There are limitless options with adidas Originals crop tops. Some of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe, adidas Originals crop tops are meant to go with everything — from high-waisted denim to low-slung sweat pants. It all depends on how much or how little skin you want to show. From there you can also decide between different fits. There are adidas Originals crop tops that hug the body with a tight, stretchy fit, others that hang loosely and some crop tops that fall right in between. You'll find cropped tank tops and cropped hoodies. Basically, any kind of adidas Originals crop top you're looking for, you'll find it here.

Go bold with bright patterns, or keep things simple with adidas Originals crop tops that are more minimalist and toned down in classic colorways. Speaking of classic, you can never go wrong with an adidas Originals Trefoil crop top, since a little dash of sport is an easy way to add a laid-back edge to any look. Whatever vibe you're feeling, there's absolutely an adidas Originals crop top to match the mood, vibe or events of the day. Browse through the selection of crop tops, and discover the one that's right for you.