Boost Originals Shoes

Start the day on a foundation of comfort in adidas Originals Boost shoes. Plush cushioning brings energy to every movement so each step feels sky-high.
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adidas Originals Boost Shoes

Life moves fast. Which isn't a bad thing, especially when you have adidas Originals shoes with adidas Boost to help make keeping the pace especially comfortable. The plush adidas Boost cushioning does more than just keep you comfortable, though — it actually matches the energy you throw down. So when you're wearing adidas Originals shoes with adidas Boost, you stay charged up with the energy that returns to you with every step. You'll find adidas Boost cushioning in the midsole, in the outsole and sometimes in both. Where you're always sure to find adidas Boost is in adidas Originals NMD shoes. It's part of what they're known for.

What else are adidas Originals NMD shoes known for? Exploring the city. Which is where the adidas Boost cushioning comes in to support those adventures. You won't feel those long days on your feet when you're laced up into adidas Originals shoes with adidas Boost. Any adidas Originals shoes with adidas Boost cushioning will set you up to feel good from morning to night. And when the adidas Boost cushioning is also paired with some of our most iconic silhouettes, they'll have you looking just as good as you feel. Discover all the options for adidas Originals shoes with adidas Boost here, and find the pair — or pairs — right for you.