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Mountain Biking T-Shirts


Mountain biking t-shirts that make the grade

For ultimate mountaineers – the ones who scale sheer cliff faces with nothing much more that a bag of chalk powder for grip – a 5.10 climb is right up there in terms of sheer, daunting bravery and skill. adidas transposes that bravura and passion for performance to everyone who loves to go down mountain sides as well. On two wheels. Seriously fast. That’s why the adidas mountain biking t-shirts for men and women are designed with all that in mind. Soft 100% cotton provides the tailored fit, suppleness and coolness under pressure that lets you concentrate entirely on the rock strewn goat track ahead of you, not what’s on your back.

Taking mountain biking t-shirts to a new level

With a 5.10 logo emblazoned on your body, you’re letting the world know there’s an adventurous heart beating beneath the cotton weave. You’re fast but not reckless and you’re out to push the realms of exhilaration without overstepping the mark and plunging into the void. This is where adidas mountain biking t-shirts step powerfully into play. Out on the track while you’re pushing your bike and yourself to the limit, the last thing you need are distractions caused by discomfort. When you’ve finished the ride and it’s time to stop, rest assured that your outfit will make sure you still look good.

Mountain biking t-shirts that are naturally better

100% cotton is hard to beat. Long sleeve or short, slim fit or with room to move, this is a fabric that performs beautifully, and even better, adidas mountain biking t-shirts come in a kaleidoscope array of colors. Like everything adidas, they’re crafted with uncompromising quality, so they’re not only durable, they’re also easy to washbefore the next assault on the rocky roads. Taking on mountain tracks or taking time out to meet for coffee – either way, adidas mountain biking t-shirts seamlessly meld into your way of life. When you have mountains to conquer, do it in style.