Men's Training & Workout Shoes

From lifting to boxing to battle ropes, you like to mix it up. Men's training shoes from adidas are designed to bring out your best in all kinds of workouts.

ADIDAS Training and workout SHOES FOR MEN

Workout shoes for men are the foundation of a noteworthy workout. It all begins with confident footing, breathable fit and top-notch stability. Once you’ve got that covered, you’re equipped to take on your biggest competitor — you! In men’s gym shoes, you can beat your best run time, smash your lifting goals and push through to the final burpee. It’s not about being the best. It’s just about digging deep and finding the motivation to be better than your last session. From Stabil to Fluidflow, adidas training shoes for men are designed for comfort and performance when it counts so that you can leave it all on the field, pavement or court. This workout is personal. Shop adidas for men’s workout shoes to ignite that inner fire.

Men's Training & Workout Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The best shoes for gym workouts support your preferred type of training. For HIIT intervals and cross-training, breathable shoes that provide light support are a great choice. Look for a relatively flat, uncurved outsole (versus the curved outsole of a running shoe), which will help you grip the floor for strength and use your toes to balance. If your workouts are specialized, you may want to look for a shoe made for that type of exercise. For example, adidas Adipower and Powerlift shoes have sturdy soles and a lift in the heel to support the motions of weightlifting.
The best shoes for HIIT workouts are made for cross-training. That is, they’re designed to support you in a variety of activities: lifting, climbing, jumping and running. Running-specific shoes aren’t ideal for high-intensity interval training. True cross-trainers are built differently from running shoes. For example, a cross-trainer’s higher rubber midsole with abrasion resistance will protect the cage of your foot during rope climbing. And a low arch will help keep you stable on the floor during weight training.
The adidas shoes that are best for training include the versatile Alphatorsion 2.0, built to keep up with all-around athletes during activities like hill sprints, burpees, battle ropes and ladder drills. For cross-training and HIIT, adidas Dropset Trainers were designed for tough workouts, using input from athletes. They have a stiff heel for stability during lifting but a soft forefoot for flexibility during high-intensity cardio. And adidas Futurenatural shoes are designed to work with the foot to support natural movement in every direction. They’re excellent shoes for both training and running.