Men's Trail Running Shoes

Bring on the solid rock, gravel, packed dirt or mud. Men's trail running shoes give you the traction and protection to handle challenging terrain.

adidas Men's Trail Running Shoes

The best way to see the world is on foot. Men's trail running shoes from adidas provide a stable and supportive base for runs of any distance and degree of difficulty. Whether you're running on loose, sandy trails through the desert or crossing streams in the mountains, adidas makes shoes that will equip you for your next off-road adventure. Mesh uppers are lightweight and breathable because even a little extra weight can really weigh you down over the long haul. Lightstrike cushioning is ultra-lightweight and supports dynamic movement. You can't control the weather, which is why men's trail runners with a GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable membrane are such a good choice. They seal out water while allowing heat and moisture to escape.

If you're looking for men's trail running shoes that will give you a competitive edge, some styles were designed in collaboration with top athletes and validated by top finishes in some of the world's most high-profile races. Some high-performance trail running shoes have a combination Lightstrike and adidas Boost midsole to energize every step. A Pebax® midsole plate protects against sharp rocks underfoot. Continental™ Rubber outsoles offer unmatched traction in wet or dry conditions. Visit adidas today for men's trail running shoes that will help you get the most from your run.

Men's Trail Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

You can definitely run in adidas Terrex shoes made specifically for running on trails or for moving between pavement and trails. You can tell if a Terrex shoe is designed as a trail running shoe because it’s low cut and has a curved shape that helps with toe-off. (Terrex shoes made for hiking are higher cut, have a flatter profile and typically weigh more.)
"It’s fine to wear trail running shoes on pavement if your goal isn’t speed or sprints. For speed on pavement and in hot weather, the thinner, more breathable upper of a road shoe is better. For more on choosing between road runners and trail running shoes, take a look at our guide."
Trail running shoes are designed to provide stability on uneven ground and to help protect your feet from twigs, pebbles and other debris kicked up on a trail. They have more rugged outsoles than road shoes for traction on mud and gravel. Trail runners that are insulated with GORE-TEX help keep runners moving even when it’s snowing or slick outside.
Hiking shoes and trail shoes are in similar categories, with some uses in common. Hiking shoes are made for walking through various terrains and weather conditions. Trail running shoes are made for actively running on the trail. Both hiking shoes and trail shoes are built for different kinds of weather and are more durable than your normal sport shoe to withstand dirt and debris. Check out the adidas blog to learn more about the difference between road running shoes and trail running shoes.
Some adidas trail running shoes are fully waterproof, but all of them are weather-resistant and built for all types of climates and terrain. If you want waterproof trail running shoes, look for technologies like GORE-TEX and adidas RAIN.RDY. GORE-TEX is a breathable membrane that seals out moisture. adidas RAIN.RDY channels rain away from the shoe to keep the inside dry.