Men's Skiing Clothes & Shoes


Men's Ski Wear

From jackets and pants to gloves and beanies, we have all the men’s ski wear that you need to indulge in your favorite winter sport pastime. We use only the latest, most advanced materials to give you the edge out on the slopes if you're the competitive kind, or just to take off the winter chill and keep you nice and cozy while you're enjoying some leisurely fun out on the snow. There are comprehensive adidas ranges of ski accessories like goggles and cleats. You can outfit yourself out from top to bottom right here.

The right clothing for all types of skiing

Our men's ski wear is suitable for all kinds of skiing enthusiasts. You'll find rugged cross country skiing Pants that are water-resistant and windproof, and capable of taking you wherever your adventurous spirit wants to go. Combine them with a tough and durable pair of water-resistant cleats that have midsole and ankle cushioning to protect you on long hikes, and a multi-layered ski jacket that can double as a raincoat, and you're all set. For strictly downhill racers, our sleek and snug skiing tights and tops will help you to slice through the air without feeling a thing. They're mildly elasticised for comfortable stretchiness, and extra lightweight.

The perfect final additions to your skiing outfit

To put the finishing touches on your look, grab a warm knitted cotton and polyester ski beanie. Available in vibrant colors and muted shades, they range from the simplest head covering to more elaborate versions with half-brims. We use recycled polyester in our products and source plastic materials from reclaimed ocean plastic, so you can wear everything with a clear environmental conscience as well. Men's ski wear from adidas is also designed to enhance your enjoyment of outdoor life in winter, so you don't have to go skiing in order to wear them. In fact, there's a good chance that you'll find yourself making any excuse to wear them outdoors.