Men's Ski Jackets & Coats


Men's ski jackets & coats

Ski jackets for men are one of the absolute essentials for any kind of outdoor activity in winter. Make no mistake: they've been purpose designed for the needs of skiers, but their all-round warmth, comfort, and durability also make them very desirable clothing items when you're outside during the long cold months—whether you're out skiing yourself or just watching the kids at their skiing lessons. They're water resistant and provide a great buffer against wind chill as well, with multi-layered fabrics working in different combinations for maximum protection without compromising your ease of movement.

Ski coats for all types of skiing conditions you'll encounter

Our range of men's ski jackets & coats is very comprehensive, giving you a choice of styles and materials that complement the different types of skiing and weather you anticipate. There are light-weight adidas TERREX insulation ski jackets for men, as well as more padded down jackets that you'll want to haul out when the weather gets a bit chillier. Our TERREX PrimaLoft® jackets will do just the trick here when you're not sure what the conditions will hold. They're designed to be easy and light to pack despite their layers of insulation, so that you can take one along as a spare to whip out if you start feeling too cold out on the exposed ski slopes. They also need to be as flexible as possible, so they're made out of a stretchy material that gives you excellent range of movement.

Advanced body mapping technology for optimal warmth

We've also incorporated some nifty technology in our men's ski coats. They've been body heat-mapped during the design process, allowing us to identify the areas of the garment that are most vulnerable to cold when you're moving around outdoors. These areas of our men's ski jackets & coats have then been reinforced with insulating material that both warms you up and reduces the loss of body heat when you sweat. Our jackets have convenient zippered pockets and compartments, so that you can easily and securely carry important items with you when you head for a ski run.