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Leather-Upper Outdoor Shoes

Explore on rock, on trails or in the city with leather upper outdoor shoes. Their durability meets the demands of outdoor play.

adidas Leather Upper Outdoor Shoes

Explore from the trailhead to the crag to city streets. Because no matter what adventure looks like to you, a pair of leather-upper outdoor shoes is your answer to long-lasting comfort. Durable overlays and uppers help them stay in play for years, keeping you moving in the outdoors — day after day and season after season. Full-grain leather shoes offer abrasion resistance on technical trails. Suede mountain bike shoes hold up to pedal scrapes and jagged rocks. And if your destination is the crag or the rock gym, leather climbing shoes can handle wear and tear as you send your next route. End of story? Not at all. Mixed-material uppers are a great choice when you want to cut down on weight without sacrificing that abrasion resistance. Plus, leather hiking shoes make great wintry weather companions. Is it your goal to look good? There’s no denying the elevated style that comes with suede and leather. So wear your leather shoes anywhere from the coffee shop to the summit. Discover our collection.