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Kids' Turf Soccer Shoes

When playing on artificial surfaces, they need the traction and cushioning of adidas kids’ turf soccer shoes. Rubber outsoles provide the grip that helps them take off after every ball.

adidas Kids’ Turf Soccer Shoes

Support their improving play in adidas kids’ turf soccer shoes. Artificial turf surfaces can be slippery and hard, but soft midsole cushioning softens every run game after game. Artificial grass mimics real grass with longer stems that allow cleats to dig in, while turf is flat. Durable rubber outsoles grip the turf so they can take off, sprint, and cut with secure footing as you play. Artificial grass cleats and turf shoes are suitable for synthetic grass surfaces, though cleats are not recommended for turf. Using cleats on turf can tear up the field and create uncomfortable pressure into the bottom of their foot. Level up their game by choosing the kids’ turf soccer cleats that best meet their ambition.

Young players will be breaking past defenders before they know it in X Ghosted+ soccer cleats. Lightweight flexibility keeps kids fast and ahead of the opposition. Control the game with Predator soccer shoes featuring Demonskin 2.0 rubber strike zones to deliver elite ball control. Raised texture allows for an enhanced touch when passing, shooting and receiving. Supportive uppers wrap feet for snug comfort. Whatever their position, kids will have the grip they need to stay agile and fast with turf soccer shoes. Lace your future superstars up to show off their skills and creativity. Browse adidas for kids’ turf soccer shoes for dynamic traction and comfortable support that can keep up with them, even if defenders can’t.