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Kids' Soccer Cleats

For the next generation of stars. Kids' soccer cleats give them the comfort and traction they need to enjoy the game at every level.


From toddlers to teens, your young athlete needs soccer cleats that are tailored to their needs. The right kids soccer cleats on their feet can help your young creator develop technical skills and confidence on the playing field. From beginner kick and chase to playing for a travelling team, adidas knows that kids need comfort, traction, and the right fit for their cleats to maximize their potential. Pick the style they’d love—from cleats made for speed to the laceless styles their idols wear, there’s a shoe for every game. Explore our collection to find soccer cleats and turf shoes for kids in a wide range of sizes and colorways that your young athlete will love.


Kids new to outdoor soccer, or playing at low intensity to learn the game and have some fun means the most important factors are size, comfort, traction then color and design for pride and confidence.


Find a balance between buying kids' soccer cleats in a bigger size to accommodate their ever-growing feet and a snug fit for foot control. A good rule of thumb is to have enough room in their toe box to fit the top of your pinky. Place your pinky over the soccer cleat's upper big toe area, there shouldn't be any extra space.


Let your child know that a glove-like fit is the right feel. Have your child walk around in the soccer cleats. If there is no rubbing or areas that hurt and they feel soft and comfortable, you've found a good fit.


Look for a Firm Ground (FG) kids soccer cleats with plastic or hard rubberized studs


There aren't major differences between youth boys' soccer cleats and girls' soccer cleats, except for the colors. But, your child might experience a confidence boost walking onto the field in a colorway that matches their favorite player or team. Their favorite colors might have the same effect.

If your child is starting soccer indoors, shop for kids indoor soccer shoes and Artificial Ground (AG) indoor soccer cleats.


If your child is advancing in soccer, they've already begun creating their individual style of play. These creators need a youth soccer cleat with some technical upgrades that can aid their personalized performance. Match the style your youth soccer player tends to create the most disruption with on field with the technical upgrade to support it.


When your player loves to push up faster, or fly past their opponent. Look for youth soccer cleats with a super-lightweight upper and outsole like SPRINTFRAME for powerful speed and stability.


Your technical player is all about their flashy footwork. Look for a lightweight youth soccer cleat with NON STOP GRIP (NSG), a thin layer of raised dots on the upper that keeps the ball sticky to their feet for ultimate control.


For youth players, who think quickly on their feet, make quick turns and pivots and appear to always be in the right spot at the right time, look for youth soccer cleats that mold perfectly to their feet with zero-wear in time needed. A secure, sock-like fit can be found in the PURECUT sock system.


Highly competitive, elite youth players who use the pitch as their personal canvas can create more when given all the tools to work with, including laceless cleats. A youth soccer player at this stage might already fit into men's or women's soccer cleats. Shop for men's soccer cleats here, and women's soccer cleats here to find the right fit for your all-star.


Need help figuring out what shoe size your kid wears? Learn step-by-step how to measure kids’ feet to get the perfect fit for infants, toddlers, and children. Find our Kids' Shoe Size Guide here.

Get the facts on how to buy soccer cleats that match your game.

Kids' Soccer Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

Youth soccer cleats are designed to be unisex as there is not much difference between soccer cleats for girls and boys, but there are a range of colors that might be preferred by each gender. Parents should look for shoes that provide support, stability, responsiveness, accuracy and control.
Kids’ American football cleats and soccer cleats are not the same. Soccer cleats are the lightest and most minimal cleats built for speed where football cleats are designed for ankle support and power. While soccer cleats are generally low cut, football cleats are made in low, medium and high-top styles. Cleats for football have thicker outsoles and a stud near the big toe for traction when you push off from a static position. Soccer cleats don’t include a midsole, so players can maximize their speed and ball-handling maneuvers. Football cleats do have midsoles to provide much-needed stability and comfort.
Kids soccer cleats should fit comfortably but also allow some room for your child's foot to grow. Parents should have their kid's feet measured by a professional to ensure proper sizing. Measurements should be taken while your child is standing up bearing their full weight and each foot should be measured to ensure you accommodate for the larger size if there is a difference. Appropriate soccer socks should also be worn and the goal is to have enough space between the toe and top of the shoe to have approximately 1/4" of space. For more information about finding the right fit, read our kids’ soccer cleats buying guide.