Boys Back to School Shoes

From the court to the field, kids' and boys' back-to-school shoes are here to kick off a new year. Ready, set, sprint. The finish line is only the beginning.

adidas Kids' Boys' Back To School Shoes

Once you've got the pencil cases and backpacks, it's time for the fun stuff! Shopping for kids' and boys' back-to-school shoes is one of the best parts of starting a new year. It's a chance for your budding student to express their own personal style on a daily basis. Plus their shoes take them through a lot each day, from learning in the classroom to playing with friends outside to heading to sports practice after school. Look for boys' back-to-school sneakers with ample cushioning, arch support and a padded collar and tongue to provide maximum comfort for your child's growing feet. Shoes with breathable materials like mesh can also help keep their feet cool and dry.

Kids can be rough on their shoes, so prioritize boys' back-to-school footwear made with quality materials and sturdy construction that can withstand the rigors of daily activities. For example, reinforced toes and durable outsoles provide good traction for different surfaces, from in-classroom carpet to the blacktop outside. Also consider the closure type of the shoes, whether it's lace-up, hook-and-loop or slip-on, based on your child's age and ability to put on and take off their shoes independently. Younger kids may find sandals more convenient, while older kids may prefer lace-up shoes for a more grown-up look. Find their favorite picks now, and shop kids' and boys' back-to-school shoes to get them all set.