Boys' School Shoes

Lace up, and head out. Shop boys' school shoes to find the best kicks for the year that are all about style, durability and comfort.
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adidas Boys' Back To School Shoes

When it's time to get back in the groove of classrooms, homework and study sessions, it's time to find the perfect boys' school shoes. Our selection is brimming with stylish, comfortable options that are durable for all the rough-and-tough wear active boys put their shoes through daily. We start with quality materials that are rugged enough for all the time spent playing, running and otherwise being on their feet. We also make sure that every pair of boys' back-to-school sneakers is made with comfort as a top priority. When your child is at school, they should have a distraction-free day โ€” and plush cushioning gives them all the softness they need to stay focused on the task at hand.

At any age, style is a major consideration for boys' back-to-school footwear. At adidas, you'll find all kinds of ideas that match their personality. Heritage designs with iconic details keep the look classic, while other pairs of boys' school shoes pop with bright color or a cast of characters from brands they love, like Disney. No matter what you choose, adidas shoes are made for everything from walking to the bus to running around at recess. Find the perfect boys' school shoes now.