Blue Water Bottles


Stay hydrated on the go with an adidas blue water bottle

Blue is the color of water, the color of serenity, and we can’t think of a better way to keep your body hydrated and serene than by using a blue water bottle by adidas. Whether you’re after a small sized bottle to keep in your handbag while you commute to work, or a larger size that you can take with you while on a hike or a long bike ride, you’ll find a blue water bottle matched just for you. Styles using the suction method are convenient as they allow you to quickly grab a sip of water on the go using one hand, while designs with a screw top give you added security.

Easy to carry and easy on your health

Choose a water bottle by adidas and you’ll be choosing a design that’s safe as well as practical. These models are made with BPA-free materials to keep harmful chemicals away from you. Bottle covers made with molded polypropylene will also keep water from leaking out when you’re on the move, and give you the confidence to store your blue water bottle without a worry. If you’re looking for a practical design that can be attached to the outside of a bag, choose a bottle with an O-ring on the cover. This will enable you to easily pass a rope through the top and keeps your blue water bottle within easy reach.

Reduce plastic waste

One of the best reasons for choosing an adidas blue water bottle is knowing that, with every sip you take, you’re helping the ocean by saving it from the addition of harmful plastics. And to help further promote the cause for plastic-free oceans, adidas has partnered with Parley for the Oceans to produce eco-friendly bottles made with recycled plastics.