Black Windbreaker


adidas Black Windbreakers

Black windbreakers from adidas not only serve as protective shells to ward off wind chill and rain, but they're also sleek and stylish jackets that look good with a wide range of outfits. The lightweight but durable construction and smooth silhouette of an adidas black wind jacket make it a versatile garment to keep by your door and throw on before you go out, no matter the climate. It works well for both a strenuous outdoor hike or an impromptu night out on the town with friends, and it is truly a fundamental, multi-season staple piece for any wardrobe.

Though our signature black lightweight windbreaker feels deceptively thin to the touch, the synthetic polyester dobby material it's made from is actually quite strong and does an excellent job keeping out the elements. The outer fabric and inner mesh lining provide a degree of light insulation, so the jacket can be worn as a stand-alone piece in late spring and early autumn or as an outer layer over a sweater in winter. Our black windbreakers are also loaded with other design elements that make them a practical pick whenever you leave the house. Front pockets are serviceable but unobtrusive, in that they're large enough to accommodate your phone or wallet but discreet enough to maintain the jacket's streamlined, fitted look. A full-length zipper makes the windbreaker easy to take on and off, and the hood is a convenient way to keep your head dry in the event of unexpected precipitation. Windbreakers without hoods typically feature a stand-up collar instead, adding extra insulation to the neck. Many of our windbreakers are also treated with a safe water-repellent finish, ensuring that rain forms as droplets on top of the fabric and then rolls off it, rather than soaking in and reaching the skin. This repellent treatment doesn't use PFCs, an environmentally hazardous chemical commonly utilized in other water-resistant fabrics.

Despite their wide-ranging functionality, our windbreakers hardly lack style. The classic cut of our black wind jacket, fitted relatively close to the body with the hem reaching just below the waist, is best suited for activewear, and is typically the preferred shape for runners, hikers and soccer players who need an insulating jacket that doesn't obstruct their movement. Bold urban fashionistas, on the other hand, might gravitate toward a more dramatic silhouette by picking an oversized windbreaker. This larger gender-neutral variant can be layered over tighter-fitting tops and bottoms for a classic contrast of shapes that exudes urban cool. Those who are less concerned with utilitarian clothing and more preoccupied with style might choose a windbreaker in an atypical loungewear fabric, like velour. And though some prints are typically available for adidas jackets, including our take on striped tartan, minimalists will likely prefer our traditional, pared-down windbreakers. These come in solid black, with the adidas Badge of Sport logo on the breast and eye-catching 3-Stripes placed vertically down the sleeves. While wearing dark colors might not be optimal for ensuring visibility if you're a regular runner, reflective details on each side of our black running windbreaker shine in low light if you're running early in the morning or at night.

All considered, the combination of lightweight insulation, useful utility and added safety features makes an adidas black lightweight windbreaker ideal for exercising or running errands outdoors, at all hours of the day and in unpredictable weather. Our jacket designs tap into sport-inspired urban chic to create a style that's adaptable to the clothes you already have in your closet and that looks cool rather than merely practical. Shop adidas black windbreakers to find the perfect lightweight jacket for your needs.