Black Walking Shoes

Go ahead and get in those miles. Black walking shoes mean more than comfort on your strolls, they mean versatility too with a color that goes with everything.

adidas Black Walking Shoes

Whether you're a step-counter or just need comfortable sneakers for routine days on your feet, our wide selection of black walking shoes always puts your comfort first. You can count on robust cushioning to offer relief when you are on your feet all day. Walkers will love our black walking sneakers with adidas Boost to infuse every step with extra energy. Or choose a pair with adidas Lightstrike for a lightweight feel that supports your stride all day long. Just slide your foot into your new sneakers, lace them up and enjoy the energy that a fresh set of sneakers adds to your day.

You don't need to be a dedicated running zealot to appreciate our wide selection of women's black walking shoes. You can count on a foot hugging upper and supportive midsole cushioning to carry every step and stride as you strive to reach your step goal each day. We have men's black walking shoes for dedicated walkers, casual afternoons and everyday wear. Experience the comfort of lightweight adidas Bounce cushioning for the comfort and flexibility to keep you focused through extended walks and runs and long days on your feet. Lace up a new pair of black walking shoes, and enjoy every step of the day.