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Keep your feet comfortable as you’re rounding the bases with adidas baseball socks. Sweat-wicking tech keeps you dry and targeted cushioning provides added support right where you need it most.

adidas Baseball Socks

You'll round third and head for home in comfort when you're wearing baseball socks from adidas. Few things can interrupt your focus like socks that bunch up in your shoes, or when they lead to damp feet that get worse and worse with each passing inning. That's why adidas over-the-calf baseball socks are an essential addition to any ballplayer's gear for game day, off-day practice and sessions in the batting cage as you and your teammates spend hours on end honing your swings. You'll find stretchy OTC baseball socks made of blended yarn and featuring natural latex rubber that maintains elasticity all season long. Look for adidas AEROREADY to manage moisture and keep you dry, from the first pitch to the final out, along with mesh ventilation channels that add cooling airflow as you chase down long fly balls or take the extra base on a teammate's base hit. You'll also get an ultra-cushioned footbed to keep your feet feeling fresh, and arch and ankle support that bodes well as the season wears on. A double-welt cuff adds stay-put coverage, while the reinforced toe and heel stand up to the kind of wear and tear that a full schedule brings to bear.

Browse through adidas OTC baseball socks to find a color that coordinates with your gear or matches your mood. And if over-the-calf baseball socks aren't what you're looking for, keep browsing and you'll find a wide range of adidas training socks that are sure to meet your needs. You'll discover everything from no-show socks to crew socks that will get you through tough training or extra innings. Look for all the same details that make adidas baseball socks a must, like moisture management, soft cushioning, stretchy yarns and reinforcement in the toe and heel. You'll stay comfortable and dry, whether you're taking the field, jogging to stay in top condition or heading for the weight room to build the strength you need to reach the fences. Classic adidas logos and signature 3-Stripes offer athletic authenticity to whatever you choose, while a variety of colors will match your training outfit or game-day uniform.

Of course, ballplayers need more than baseball socks to make the kind of highlight catches and baserunning plays that win games. That's why adidas features baseball cleats and turf shoes that provide a superlight feel, whether you're at bat, on the basepaths or getting it done on defense. Look for a LIGHTLOCK upper to secure your feet, while the adidas Lightstrike midsole cushions upon impact without bogging you down with added weight. Choose from an array of colors that coordinate with the rest of your gear, or just pick something that speaks to your own sense of style. You'll also find a range of baseball accessories in addition to OTC baseball socks that help you keep your game in top form.

Serious ballplayers can keep their tools of the trade protected between games with a lined and ventilated glove bag. Wipeable material makes for easy spot cleaning with soap and water, while the convenient carry handle offers an easy way to transport and protect all your gloves. You'll also find athletic baseball tees made of soft fabric and featuring classic three-quarter-length sleeves. Search for your favorite team, and you'll have the right vibe, whether you're in the stands or taking your cuts on the field. You'll also need a breathable headband for game day. Soft and stretchy adidas headbands stay in place to manage moisture all game long. And don't forget a stainless steel bottle that keeps water cold, so you stay hydrated during doubleheaders, practice and workout sessions. Shop adidas for baseball socks, along with clothes, shoes and accessories that keep you playing your best in comfort and style.

baseball socks Frequently Asked Questions

Baseball socks are typically not considered compression socks. While both types of socks may provide some level of compression, baseball socks are primarily designed for the specific needs of baseball players, such as providing cushioning and support for the feet and lower legs during the game. Compression socks, on the other hand, are specifically engineered to apply graduated pressure to the legs, helping to improve blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue during various activities and sports.
Traditionally, baseball socks are worn over baseball pants. Players typically wear long socks that extend up to the knee, and they pull them up over their baseball pants. This helps to create a unified and professional look while also providing some additional support and protection to the lower legs. It's important to note that specific team or league rules may vary, so it's always a good idea to consult with your coach or team guidelines for any specific instructions.
To wear baseball socks high, follow these steps: Put on your baseball pants and pull them up to your desired height. Take the baseball socks and unroll them completely. Starting from the toes, begin pulling the sock up towards your knee, making sure it is snug but not overly tight. Continue pulling until the sock reaches your desired height, usually just below the knee. Adjust the sock as needed to ensure a comfortable fit and a clean, professional look. Remember to repeat the process for the other leg to have both socks worn high.