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Prepare for your fastest run yet in women’s adizero shoes. With lightweight cushioning, springy midsoles and flexible foundation, you’ll be able to rise to the occasion when things get tough.
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adidas Women's Adizero Shoes

When you pace all your training runs with the goal of breaking the tape at the end of the race, women's adizero shoes from adidas are the ones you want on your feet. With a focus on lightness and speed, our Adizero collection is for runners who train with personal bests, racing and breaking records top of mind. When you're driven to compete against other runners, but also yourself, women's adizero sneakers are built to help you reach your goals. They incorporate innovative technology to help you feel your best on every run so you can increase your performance level each time you're out there pounding the pavement, whether it's for training or race day. From durable outsoles to supportive uppers, our Adizero runners are designed for high-level performance. When race day arrives, you'll feel comfortable, confident and ready to maintain your PR pace through every mile.

Set your race pace and stick to it in women's adizero running shoes designed with techs that keep you light on your feet. For middle-distance running, you want to go out fast and maintain your pace. Look for a midsole with a full-length Lightstrike EVA chassis. which provides a balance of stability, resilience and cushioning. This fine-tuned mix can help you feel just as fresh, miles into your race, as you did at the start. Likewise, look for TORSIONRODS to deliver a soft stiffness that increases force transfer in each stride. For continual responsiveness throughout your run, look for women's adizero running sneakers with ultralight Lightstrike Pro cushioning, featuring three layers of our most resilient foam to help you maintain energy from the starting line to the finish chute. Your feet will stay comfortable throughout your run with a breathable mesh upper that maintains ventilation.

When you're training for a marathon, race day is the goal, but all the work that comes before it is part of the journey. Our women's adizero footwear has you covered from the minute you hit "send" on the race registration until you cross the finish line at mile 26.2. To keep you feeling strong across the miles, check out the Adizero Boston with carbon-infused ENERGYRODS that add lightweight stiffness for a snappy toe-off on every stride, which helps you maintain your pace more efficiently. Efficiency, after all, is the key to completing long distances, and everything you can do to reduce fatigue contributes to it. Women's adizero running shoes with a midsole mix of ultralight Lightstrike Pro and durable Lightstrike EVA offers resilient cushioning that keeps you feeling supported, mile after mile. The Adizero Adios Pro is a premier long-distance road racing shoe, designed to deliver an optimal level of stiffness and energy return. A lightweight upper provides targeted support zones, and a Continental™ Rubber outsole gives you the traction you need to take corners at a fast pace.

You'll find women's adizero footwear designed for track and field events, too. For short sprints, our ultra-lightweight spikes give you confidence, right out of the starting blocks. You'll feel like you're flying, thanks to the featherweight Celermesh upper that locks down your foot. The comfortable spike plate allows smooth transitions as you drive the curve. We have spikes tuned for mid-distance races, with lightweight, ventilated mesh uppers and an aggressive spike plate. For cross-country running, you'll find spikes with an adidas Bounce midsole for lightweight cushioning and flex where you need it most. The five-pin rubber outsole provides solid traction on grass, dirt and mud to help you stay on pace. No matter what your race goals are, you can reach them in women's adizero shoes from adidas. Shop our collection today, and get started.