Trail Running Clothes

Gear up and get out into the wild with adidas trail-running clothes. Perfect for all adventures from valley trail to forest path to mountain ascent.

adidas Trail Running Clothes

Embrace the thrill of discovering new terrain with trail running clothes from adidas that are built for it. Trail running can be tough on your clothes due to rugged terrain and unexpected obstacles. We've got you covered with plenty of options made from durable materials to last through every adventure you plan. One essential is a lightweight jacket that you can easily pack away if conditions clear up, then put right back on when you need it. If the forecast calls for light rain or wind, suit up in WIND.RDY that keeps you dry and protected. For colder conditions, look for adidas pieces that are insulated or ideal for layering. For warmer conditions, go for trail running apparel made with AEROREADY to help keep sweat at bay.

Trail running requires a wide range of movement, so everything adidas makes offers ample freedom of movement. Fit is extra important in trail running clothes for comfort and functionality. You'll want pieces that aren't too tight or too loose and that will layer well with other clothing. Layering is essential, as weather conditions can change quickly. Opt for clothes that can be easily layered, such as moisture-wicking baselayers, insulating midlayers and weather-resistant outer layers to adapt to changing conditions. Head out into the great outdoors with trail running clothes from adidas that won't let you down.

Trail Running Clothes Frequently Asked Questions

In the mountains, wearing proper trail running apparel will keep you protected from the sun, rain, foliage and debris. A windbreaker offers coverage from the wind and rain, and the zip front lets you adjust your temperature. It also helps to think about the route you'll be running. If you're running through the forest, you might choose a pair of lightweight pants to protect your legs from branches and brambles along the trail.
A running vest lets runners carry their essentials close to their body with minimal bulk, eliminating the need for a bag. Running vests have zip pockets to securely hold your phone, keys and wallet. A hydration vest eliminates the need for a water bottle. Running vests are sleeveless, which makes them great for layering and finding the perfect level of comfort on your runs.
To choose a trail running vest, first decide what feature is most important to you. If you're wearing the vest for extra warmth on cooler runs, choose a running vest with lightweight insulation. If you're after the extra pockets and want to stay cool, an uninsulated vest will provide that function perfectly. Hydration running vests eliminate the need to carry a water bottle. Check out our full selection of running vests to learn more.