Texas A&M Aggies Jerseys


Why the adidas Texas A&M Aggies jerseys are the softest shirts on the planet

There’s a reason the Texas A&M Aggies jerseys are so soft and comfortable, and it has to do with science. The jerseys are made of 100% polyester double-knit, a material that gives the top its magic. The unique make-up of double-knit makes it a stable fabric that has a stretch component. The Texas A&M Aggies jerseys feature a V-neck for a classic look and the large Texas A&M logo on the front. It’s the same jersey the players wear so you will feel proud wearing it.

How Texas A&M Aggies tops make you feel like a true fan

We know how you feel when you watch your favorite team line up on Kyle Field. Wearing the Texas A&M Aggies top will help make you feel like you are on the team. The plush, lightweight Texas A&M Aggies jersey is made of a unique double-knit blend that stretches as you move. Its V-neck gives you the classic look worn by the Aggies players, and the Texas A&M logo and number are on the front to make you feel like a true fan. The bottom of the Texas A&M Aggies jersey even has the authentic vertical splits to make putting it on and off easy.

Easy tips to keep your Texas A&M Aggies jersey like new

The Texas A&M Aggies jersey is easy to keep just like brand new. Wash in a delicate cycle with cold water and like colors. A great tip is to turn the shirt inside out every time you wash it to keep the textile print in perfect shape. It’s best to line-dry the shirt, but it can be dried on the lowest dryer setting. Never iron the jersey as this could weaken the textile ink. Wear the jersey to games or while watching the game at a party.