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Recycled Polyester Gear


Recycled polyester

Imagine more than 1,000 unique pieces of workout wear, fitness gear, and active lifestyle equipment. Each with its own shape, color, function and style, but all bearing one thing in common - recycled polyester. When you buy recycled polyester clothes, bags, shoes, gloves and hats from adidas, you're not just getting amazing quality from a brand you trust, you're taking part in a huge effort to reduce harmful environmental impact by using less water and energy. Using existing PET from plastic waste such as bottles, adidas is on a mission to use recycled polyesters in place of creating new polyester from oil whenever possible. This is just one of the things that sets adidas apart from other brands.

Collaborate with adidas

You are doing your part every time you choose to wear your recycled polyester t-shirt, tracksuit, running shoes, climbing shoes, gloves, beanie or backpack from adidas. What's more, you can also take part in a huge movement to use less oil, to reduce CO2 emissions and to take existing plastic waste out of the environment and turn it into something useful. Collaborate with adidas by choosing from our eco-friendly line of products today.

The future is now

Talk of the environment is all around. We can all do our part to reduce emissions, recycle, use less water and protect the natural world from harm. By choosing recycled polyester clothing made by adidas for men, women, youth and kids, you are making a big difference. You're showing the world that you choose a company that cares about saving the oceans for the future, while still making products that are second to none and provide people today with highly functioning gear and tons of fun. Vote with your wallet. Show off your adidas 3-Stripes pride. Tell the world that you care about the future and you are doing something about it right now.