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Training Black 4CMTE BackpackTraining Black 4CMTE Backpack
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Keep your essentials close at hand at all times with performance sports bags

The right gear is essential to an effective workout. That's something that most of us figure out pretty quickly. However, trying to get your gear to and from the gym can often be a hassle, especially when you're already living a busy life. That's why a sports bag is so essential. Durably constructed with padded shoulder straps that offer maximum comfort, performance sports bags offer plenty of space for your essentials.

The right adidas sports bag is useful whether you're working out or just going about your day

Whether you don't want to wear your workout clothes to the gym, you've got work or school and need to carry supplies, or you just have too much workout gear to carry, adidas sports bags make life so much easier. Not only are they easy to carry and incredibly versatile, but they offer you plenty of room to fit in just about anything, including a dedicated space for your laptop and a front pocket for your essentials.

The right sports bags aren't worth much without something to put in them

If you really want to make the most of a sports bag, then you need the right things to fill it up with. After all, the perfect workout starts with the perfect workout clothes. A pair of training shorts made from lightweight moisture-wicking fabric not only offers you all the freedom of movement you could need but helps you stay cool and comfortable no matter how intense your workout gets. And, of course, you need the right pair of shoes. With a cushioned midsole that offers extra comfort and a textile upper that provides maximum flexibility, the right pair of shoes ensure that your workout always gets off on the right foot.

The secret to staying on top of your game is having the right equipment at the tip of your fingers, and adidas performance sports bags make it easy to have everything ready to go. With a variety of styles, sizes and colors available, you’re guaranteed to find the performance bag just for you.

A bag for every occasion

Duffel bags are ideal for gym gear or training outfit, offering plenty of zip pockets to help you get organized, a ventilated section for shoes, and padded, adjustable shoulder straps that make them easier and more comfortable to carry. If you just need a few essentials, consider a gym sack which will fit everything you need without taking up too much space or adding extra weight. These bags can be carried with their own drawstring closure, while a zip pocket on the side will help you easily reach a few essentials. If you’re a runner, you will love adidas waist bags and run belts, which help keep all your equipment close by as you go out for a jog or a training session. Run belts are especially designed for long-distance and endurance performances and are equipped with extra pockets to help you carry personal items or nutritional snacks.

Style it up with a backpack

But adidas performance sports bags don’t stop here. With various different backpack styles to choose from, these performance bags are guaranteed to support you every step of the way. Classic backpacks are durable and versatile with possible uses including carrying gym gear or schoolbooks, while Flap and 4CMTE backpacks offer more room and are equipped with a special laptop compartment and multiple zip pockets. For a performance bag that you can trust during travel or long-distance hiking, choose an Endurance backpack. This model will offer the right support with shoulder straps that are designed to absorb shock and a back panel constructed with air mesh to keep you cool and comfortable along the way.