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Pastel Clothes & Shoes

Brighten up your palette in pastel clothes and shoes. Because fresh, soft color is always in season, and you like your mood to match your look.

adidas Pastel Clothes & Shoes

adidas pastel clothes and shoes — classic staples for your wardrobe — give you subtle options that can go neutral or playful and work with styles from the classic to the bold. Whether you're looking for performance gear designed with the elite athlete in mind or casual streetwear with the everyday person in mind, adidas has light-colored clothes and light-colored shoes for you. Tank tops to hoodies or tennis shorts to track pants, adidas pastel apparel caters to everyone from top-flight athletes to first-class couch-chillers. Opt for anything from long-distance running shoes to skater shoes to slides, and slip your feet into a pair of comfortable pastel-colored shoes to suit your favorite adventures.

Pastel clothes and shoes from adidas have everything you need. Let a subtly-colored tracksuit highlight a pop of neon color on your running shoes. Or balance a patterned tank top with complimentary pastel leggings. Maybe the kids are off to the playground to show off in a pastel adidas t-shirt and shorts with playful patterns and hues. Or perhaps you're headed out for the evening in pastel-colored clothes from head to toe. Whatever the scenario, outfit for your workout or your go-out in adidas pastel clothes and shoes.