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Outdoor Mountain Bike Gear

Make your next ride worth writing home about in adidas Five Ten mountain biking shoes and clothing built for energy and high impact. In the right gear, you’re prepared to take any hill like an MTB pro.
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Next level mountain biking gear

With a strong history of preparing mountain bikers for their next ride, adidas provides riders with the best in mountain biking clothing and shoes to set them on their way. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely ride over the weekend or gearing up for your next trail race, our mountain biking gear is made to enhance performance, increase support, and make your mountain biking goals become a reality. Designed with in-built technologies, our clothes and shoes are comfortable, impact-resistant, breathable and lightweight. Feel the difference in adidas gear.

Mountain biking clothing

Our adidas mountain biking clothing is made to provide bikers with only the best and most advanced sportswear technologies. Stay dry and cool with lightweight and breathable clothing featuring sweat-wicking materials, which work to wick sweat away from your skin. For long distance rides, some of our clothing also features in-built odor resistant materials and SPF 50+ UV protection, so you feel fresh and stay protected while you ride. Other clothing items also feature water repellent materials for rainy days, keeping you comfortable and dry through these conditions. Designed to be packable, our mountain biking clothing is also easily stored in backpacks or duffel bags for transporting to and from or during the route.

Mountain biking shoes and more

optimize your footwork through all weather conditions and trail rides. Our adidas mountain biking shoes provide riders with solid grip and long-term durability for all-mountain and endurance riding. With impact-resistant toe boxes and fast-drying materials, your shoes will survive through rough and wet weather. Choose from a bold range of colors and styles, available in men’s and women’s sizes with the guarantee of a snug and secure fit. Once you’ve sorted your mountain biking clothing and shoes, shop our range of equipment and accessories for a full 3-Stripes look.

Outdoor Mountain Bike Gear Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain bikers wear baggy shorts for several reasons. A baggy cut can offer a better range of motion than thin tights. There’s also more abrasion resistance in case of a fall or brush with forest foliage. Baggy shorts offer more pocket storage. And some mountain bikers just prefer the look.
Mountain biking is relatively easy to learn, but it can take years or a lifetime to master. Compared to road biking, it requires a different set of skills, habits and muscles. Varied trail surfaces, obstacles and fatter bike tires make the experience feel much different from road biking. Scanning your surroundings and identifying the best way forward may pose a mental challenge as well. Start on a beginner trail, and don't be afraid to mess up.
Either flat shoes or clipless shoes are best for mountain biking, depending on the pedals. Most newer cyclists opt for flat shoes and pedals. Once you’re more comfortable on the trail, clipless shoes and pedals, which connect using a particular kind of cleat, may provide more stability and efficiency.