Nebraska Cornhuskers Jerseys


Express your team spirit with Nebraska Cornhuskers jerseys

With the iconic red color and graphics, there’s no better way of expressing your team fandom than by donning a Nebraska Cornhuskers jersey. You can rest assured knowing that you are doing your part in supporting eco-friendly practices because adidas’ Primegreen sustainable technology uses 100% recycled polyester. As a synthetic fiber, polyester has many benefits. For instance, the fabric is not prone to fast wear plus it’s resistant to shrinking. Additionally, Nebraska Cornhuskers jerseys make for the perfect gear for high-intensity sports, especially when you don’t want to feel sweat against your skin as it dries quickly, even during cold weather.

Moisture-wicking and lightweight Nebraska Cornhuskers sweater

Thanks to its moisture-wicking properties, strong fibers, and lightweight feel, you can comfortably use a Nebraska Cornhuskers sweater at any sporting or outdoor activity. The sports jersey contains features and specific details that together make a big difference to the look and feel of the product. For example, the ribbed V-neck has an elasticity to it, which allows for a bit of stretch without distorting the fabric’s shape. While there are various sizes to choose from, the side hem slits on the bottom edge of the Nebraska Cornhuskers jersey allow for a better fit. And lastly, the polyester double-knit material translates to the ultimate durability of a fabric that can withstand regular wear, washes, and repetitive movements.

Special care and maintenance of a Nebraska Cornhuskers jersey

As polyester is used in making sports jerseys, it’s usually a temperature-sensitive material. Therefore, caution should be taken when cleaning the shirt. Use cold or lukewarm water when laundering to ensure the synthetic fibers don’t get damaged by high temperatures. The sweater can be cleaned in the washing machine but on the normal cycle and only with similar color fabrics. If you must pre-treat your Cornhuskers sports jersey, focus on stain-prone areas, such as underarms and necklines, then use a manufacturer-recommended stain remover. Finally, you can prevent ironing static and wrinkling by using a fabric conditioner with every alternate wash.