Men's Tennis Shorts

Sprint, reach and slide in men's tennis shorts made for movement. Stretchy, ergonomically-designed and heat-defying, these shorts help you elevate your game.

adidas Tennis Shorts

Agility-enhancing, lightweight and breathable. If you're looking for tennis shorts, these are three of the key attributes that will help boost your game when you hit the court. To win matches, you have to battle for every point. To battle for every point, you need to give your all from knock-up to game, set and match. Every towering serve, lightning-quick sprint, physics-defying return and instinctive volley needs to be as close to perfect as possible, and that can only happen if you're kitted out in gear made by designers who understand your game. adidas creates its tennis shorts with features perfected from decades of tennis experience. Not only are they made from soft fabric that stretches and shifts with your every movement, but they're also designed with a tennis-specific cut that creates room for comfortable play. As you would expect from cutting-edge adidas sportswear, they also offer climate control and moisture-managing benefits. HEAT.RDY tennis shorts will ensure you stay cool even when the courtside temperature is heading through the roof. Shorts with AEROREADY, meanwhile, will channel moisture away from your skin to ensure you're always comfortable and confident. Elastic waistbands and drawcords hold your shorts firmly in place, even through the longest rallies, and a range of styles and lengths ensure you find a fit that works best for you, your game and your on-court style. Inseams between 7 and 10 inches let you choose a level of coverage that matches your preferences. Some shorts even come with separate or integrated inner pants that offer extra support and coverage.

But our tennis know-how doesn't stop at performance advantages. Some adidas tennis shorts are available with special netting-style pockets that can hold tennis balls between points while filtering out dirt and clay particles. The days of carrying half a clay court back into the dressing room with you are officially over. And then there are the sheer number of striking designs and eye-catching graphics. If you're a traditionalist who favors uncomplicated designs and classic looks informed by the sport's long history, there are models that will suit your preferences. Likewise, for trailblazers seeking to liven things up and express their outgoing off-court style, there are also plenty of suitably vibrant options to choose from. With ranges aimed at juniors, seasoned club members and players for whom the sky's the limit, you're bound to find a pair that suits your needs. You can even emulate your favorite pros by selecting from collections showcased at the game's most prestigious tournaments in London, Melbourne, New York, Paris and more. Whatever your game looks like and however you want to express yourself on the court, check out our range of tennis shorts today to find the perfect fit.