Men's High Top Basketball Shoes

Our men’s high top basketball shoes provide superior reinforcement in the high-impact areas connected with your unstoppable moves.

adidas High Tops Basketball Shoes

Lace up to fly in adidas men's high top basketball shoes. With the support around your ankle, you can soar for every dunk and crash the boards for every rebound. From the hardwood to the blacktop, men's high top basketball sneakers help you play your best. Dribble and cut around defenders to get to the hoop. Lightweight, breathable uppers won't slow you down on the court. Responsive cushioning softens each jump shot and breakaway sprint. Rep your favorite player, like Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard, in their signature shoes. Browse adidas for slam-dunk-ready men's basketball high tops.

Add a touch of vintage hoops flavor with a pair of new high top basketball shoes from adidas. High tops are the foundation of hoops culture, as some of the greatest legends of the sport wore them. Those legends' greatest feats have since been immortalized in posters and collectible cards. Perhaps the most iconic adidas high top basketball sneakers are the Pro Model (1965) and the Top Ten (1979), which were awarded to the 10 best professional players. The latter was an overnight sensation and a sought-after representation of players' skill and status. The Pro Model — once made of canvas — quickly made the switch to leather, a style it has since retained. These shoes lent most of their design elements to the popular adidas Superstar, including the iconic shell toe. Contemporary high top basketball shoes like the Postmove and the Hoops 3.0 combine the vintage look of an '80s basketball shoe with materials of today. Their plush collar keeps you comfortable from the moment you put them on, while providing added support for your ankles. So check out the wide selection of high top basketball shoes from adidas, and choose a pair you want to rock with your next outfit.

Men's High Top Basketball Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

High tops were first used for basketball as a style statement aligning with men’s footwear trends, with the added benefit of providing ankle support. In modern basketball, however, men’s high-top basketball shoes are becoming less common. They still bring a vibe and a cool look, but newer research suggests that the high tops don’t do much to prevent ankle injury, and possibly even make ankle injury more likely by restricting natural corrective movements.
Whether high tops are good for basketball is up for debate. If you feel most comfortable and confident playing in high tops, that’s a good argument for wearing them. If a lower cut is more your jam, then you should opt for lower. There isn’t clear evidence that men’s high-top basketball shoes prevent ankle injury. Some research suggests they might even make injury more likely by preventing natural movement. So high tops are good if you prefer them, but they’re not necessary.
The basketball shoes that make you jump the highest probably are the ones you feel most comfortable in. Beyond that, a super-grippy outsole that lets you get good footing, lightweight cushioning that won’t hinder your jump and a supportive structure that lets you step confidently are all important. There are shoes out there claiming to increase your vertical, but if they make a difference at all, it’s usually for the most athletic, highest-level players. So whether you choose men’s high-top basketball shoes or low, pick a shoe that's light, grippy and comfortable.