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Kids' Black Soccer Shoes: Age 0-16


adidas Kids' Black Soccer Shoes

Outfit your young athlete ready for man-of-the-match performances with adidas kids' black soccer shoes. Kids are on the go, non-stop, ready to play and have fun at every opportunity. Match their endless energy with cleats that can keep up with them. Help them focus on their strengths to leave their mark, and improve their weaknesses with cleats that move with them to better their abilities. Whether they're making their way across the field or playing around in the park, adidas kids' black soccer footwear will give your young one an edge over the competition. Our versatile design can be used for school activities or sports practices and games, so you and your child can get the most of every wear. And with our guaranteed durability and quality craftsmanship, you can be sure that their shoes will remain feeling and playing as good as new, every time they step out onto the field.

Technology to support their game. At adidas, we've been creating soccer cleats to help the best of the best bring trophies home to fans like you. We've spent decades designing, developing, creating and adjusting our soccer gear to be the best in the world. Our kids' black soccer footwear is no different, with innovation at the forefront to make sure your child can always compete with the best and outperform every opponent they come up against. Designed with lightweight, breathable uppers that help provide comfort and ventilation for long days of play, they can play distraction-free every time out. Snug compression-specific uppers offer an instantly comfortable fit, while our ultra-lightweight outsole frames help them unleash their speed. Uncomfy cleats are a thing of the past. Our kids' black soccer cleats come with padded collars and tongues that soften even stride while they run. A cushioned insole adds even more shock absorption during every jump, twist and turn. And they can get that perfect secure fit every time they head out to practice, too, with adjustable lacing systems and bolstered ankle collars that reduce slipping inside their boot for hours of uninterrupted fun.

Choose kids' black soccer cleats for their ambitions. Whether they're playing at lunch spending time on the playground or working in an evening training session, adidas has a variety of footwear options to make sure they're prepared for every playing surface–because we know that traction keeps them in control. For grass pitches, firm ground studded outsoles will make sure they can push off in a hurry and get to every through ball first. Never slip in the mud again with soft grounds studs that keep them twisting and turning through defenses on even the boggiest of fields. Choose kids' black turf soccer shoes for unrivaled traction on artificial playing surfaces. The ideal trainer of choice for kids who bring a ball with them everywhere they go: in the park, in the garden, on the street. These shoes can do it all. Our non-marking indoor outsoles give your child maximum grip to boss the game on indoor courts.

The beautiful game calls for beautiful cleats. With designs including classic black - that give that timeless soccer style ideal for any kids' wardrobe or sporting event - through to bold and vibrant that matches their energetic personalities, there's something for every child. Let your kid choose their favorites and let their feet do the talking on the field in some new kids' black soccer cleats. Fresh graphic prints make a statement and keep their teammates watching in awe. Regardless of what they choose, adidas cleats get them out playing the game they love, creating chances, scoring goals and making game-winning plays. Creativity is everything in today's game. And every day is a chance to create. Especially for kids with a love for the beautiful game. Gear them up with cleats they can trust to help them be at their best. Shop adidas kids' black soccer shoes to help them start creating now.