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Jerseys for Soccer, Football & Basketball


Cheer on your favorite sports team by wearing their official jersey, designed by adidas. Whether you're on the field, in the stands or on the couch watching the big game, shop adidas basketballfootball and soccer jerseys that look and feel great. Check out our Men's jersey favorites too.

Mexico Away Fan Shirt
Mexico 22 Home Jersey
Germany 22 Home Jersey
Mexico 22 Home Authentic Jersey
Mexico Away Fan Shirt
Mexico Pre-Match Jersey
Germany 22 Home Authentic Jersey
Japan 22 Away Jersey
Argentina Icon Goalkeeper Jersey
Mexico Icon Goalkeeper Jersey
Argentina 22 Home Jersey
Tiro Jersey
Germany 22 Home Jersey
Spain 22 Home Authentic Jersey
Spain 22 Away Jersey
Tiro 23 Pro Jersey
Germany 22 Away Authentic Jersey
Germany 22 Long Sleeve Home Jersey
Real Madrid 22/23 Home Jersey
Mexico Icon Goalkeeper Shorts
Germany 22 Away Jersey
Mexico Home Fan Shirt
Mexico Tiro 23 Game Day Pre-Match Jersey
Japan 22 Special Pack Authentic Jersey
Mexico 22 Long Sleeve Home Jersey
Tiro RFTO Jersey
Colombia Tiro 23 Training Jersey
Manchester United 22/23 Home Jersey
Mexico Tiro 23 Training Jersey
Mexico 22 Home Jersey
Tiro 23 Graphic Jersey
Tiro Jersey
Mexico Pre-Match Jersey
Tiro 23 Pro Short Sleeve Graphic Jersey
Sabres Third Authentic Jersey
Manchester United 22/23 Home Jersey
Argentina Basketball Top
Kraken Away Authentic Jersey
Spain 22 Home Jersey
Colombia 22 Home Jersey
Tiro Jersey
Germany Icon Three-Quarter Jersey
Tiro 23 Pro Long Sleeve Graphic Jersey
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adidas jerseys are a perfect fit and give you that vital layer during sport and daily life. The jerseys from adidas are designed to suit your active lifestyle.

Made for creators – adidas jerseys

Jerseys from adidas are your new support – especially if you are ready to keep smashing your personal best each day.