Green Windbreaker


adidas Green Windbreakers

When Mother Nature speaks, it's just you and your green windbreaker against the elements. Rain, sleet, wind — nothing to worry about. You're equipped with premier gear technology designed to deliver you door to door in comfort. Just gear up and go on that trail run, seek out that epic view and stay comfortable from start to finish. In fact, adidas versatile outerwear keeps you cozy without sacrificing style. Trust these shades of green with just the right accents. Speaking your truth? Let a pop of graphic color fuel your vibe. And if your style is on the minimalist side, an adidas sleek windbreaker delivers fitness style with vogue simplicity. Whatever look you're trying to achieve, adidas weather-conscious coats offer looks for everyone. Head-to-toe style with adequate preparation for all your activities and every challenge that awaits. Don't let the elements hold you back. Suit up in your green windbreaker, and discover what the world has to offer.

Check the weather, but don't keep your goals waiting. An adidas green running wind jacket comes equipped with the technical sport design to prepare you for anything. Warm enough for stormy skies yet breathable enough for a record-breaking sprint, this shell is the cover layer you need for moderate to crummy forecasts. Perfect for a trip to the gym or the grocery store, this jacket goes wherever you go. In fact, a running wind jacket is foldable and easy to pack, so you never have to be without your favorite outer layer. Of course, this intelligently designed green windbreaker upholds adidas standards for stunning fits and is easy to layer over multiple looks. This jacket is your new first pick for every activity — running, biking, pickleball and even yoga in the park. And after exerting yourself and tiring your body, bring your 3-Stripes style to brunch. Just be prepared for compliments, and maybe even gratis mimosas, because this green running wind jacket is as eye-catching as it is functional.

Make a statement on your way to practice in this green printed wind jacket. You're sure to turn heads, but don't worry about it. Invite your admirers courtside to watch the real games begin. Tailored to trendsetters, this adicolor windbreaker delivers classic vintage style inspired by heritage adidas fits. We checked the archives, and this jacket blends in perfectly with memorable retro modes. If you're looking for a courageous palette, this is the wind jacket for you. Primary accents enhance the bold palette — this is not for the faint of heart (or game). But this timelessly sporty windbreaker is more than just a fashion statement. Cutting-edge sport technology informed every choice in its design. This high-quality jacket will keep you dry in drizzle and keep you warm despite wind. So lace up your kicks, grab a beanie and get ready to go. Elevate the game in this green printed wind jacket.

Has the urge to travel taken hold once more? adidas has your back with the ideal green running windbreaker for temperate climates and breezy conditions. The world out there is waiting for you right now. adidas windbreakers offer functional designs affording you protection from the elements — outside in nature and in the city. This jacket's design is compact, easy to fold and ideal for travel. Just pack your windbreaker in a backpack, luggage or a gym bag, and head out into the wild knowing you're prepared for anything. From mountain summit to seaside cove, forest trail to ancient ruins, this multi-season jacket is here to encourage your wildest dreams and adventure. True to adidas iconic 3-Stripes style and meant to keep the weather out and the wellness in, it's the jacket for every day of the week. So book the rental, pack the essentials and don't forget your green running windbreaker so you can get your gains no matter the weather.