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Green Stan Smith Shoes


adidas Green Stan Smith Sneakers

adidas green Stan Smith sneakers are the perfect addition to any sneakerhead's collection. A classic tennis shoe that's been around since the '70s, the Stan Smith is a veritable dynasty among adidas sneakers. The original design with a simple white upper, perforated 3-Stripes and green heel tab became a powerhouse in street style throughout its long history. From skateboarders and streetwear enthusiasts to fashion icons and hip hop royalty, Stan Smiths can be found everywhere. Now in more color options and material types, green Stan Smith shoes have features like a durable synthetic nubuck upper and a fleecy winter lining to keep your feet cozy and your style on point. With gold finishing, the timeless design is given new life for the next generation of Stan Smith aficionados. Whether they are your everyday shoes or a way to bring vintage style to your going-out ensemble, green Stan Smith footwear can work for any occasion.

Named after world champion tennis star Stan Smith, these sneakers carry on his winning legacy with a simple design that has transcended generations. Built originally to help tennis players bring their best to the court, green Stan Smith tennis shoes are durable and supportive. Made to handle the stops and starts and back and forth of the game, Stan Smiths live up to the toughness and perseverance of their namesake. Now, as they go beyond their fifth decade of relevance, the shoes still maintain the perfect level of support and simplicity they did when they began. Wear them with shorts and a T-shirt when you run out of the house to run an errand, or put them on with jeans and a button-up before you jump on the bus to go to work. The green color adds a level of interest to the classics, giving them a new feel while still keeping them in the Stan Smith family.

Green is having a moment, and green Stan Smith sneakers are here for it. You are not boring, so make sure your shoes match your intrigue with vibrant green. Whether you are new to Stan Smith sneakers or have a whole section on your shoe rack dedicated to the line, green Stan Smiths belong in your closet and on your feet. Be casual with your green Stan Smiths paired with bright, solid-colored sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Sport a retro vibe with a green adicolor bucket hat to match your green Stan Smiths. Wear them to dinner and drinks with that new sundress, or show them off with neutral leggings as you leave your afternoon spin class. Green Stan Smith shoes are unisex and work for men, women and kids who want to level up their footwear without being too loud. Join the Stan Smith heritage while still standing out with deep-green sneakers.

When you wear adidas shoes, you step into something bigger than what's current. You follow in the footsteps of forward-thinking creators, hard-hitting athletes and trend-setting fashion makers who recognize the timeless power of the adidas brand. Green Stan Smith sneakers are the quintessential archetype of a shoe that will still be here tomorrow. Their power is in their understated simplicity. They don't need pomp or wild tech to grab the attention of those who wear them. Stan Smiths are unapologetic in their effortless design and are made for individuals confident in their own vibe. And those who own Stan Smiths usually own more than one pair. You will need a few old-school classic Stan Smiths to rotate for your everyday and at least one color Stan Smith pair to keep things interesting when you want to mix things up. Add adidas green Stan Smith sneakers to your collection today.