Essentials Sweatpants

Go casual without sacrificing style. adidas Essentials sweatpants come in a variety of comfortable fits and colors—an effortlessly laidback look when you want to keep it low-key.

adidas Essentials Sweatpants

These days, sweatpants have stepped up to become a staple piece in every wardrobe. While they offer comfort for days, adidas Essentials sweatpants are so stylish you can feel good wearing them away from the house. Think of your daily sweatpants as the perfect combo of comfort and function. They're undeniably laidback and effortlessly on trend. Whether you're taking work meetings from your home office or running errands out of the house, your efforts are balanced with ease thanks to the feeling of complete comfort. It's 24/7 self care when you go about your week wrapped in cozy fabrics like cotton and fleece. From slim fits to more slouchy styles, there's a pair to let you express your personality. For off-duty athletes, adidas Essentials athleisure wear is made for all the moments away from sport. Because nothing rewards your efforts at the gym or on the court like slipping into total comfort after.

Swap out your jeans for a pair of joggers and move through your daily to-dos in style. From coffee dates to grocery-store runs and evenings spent with friends, you can't beat the casually confident look of a pair of adidas Essentials sweatpants. Browse through our range of styles to find your favorite fit and colorway. Slim fits and tapered legs provide a modern look and unencumbered feel, while wide-leg and loose-fit styles drape you in extra fabric for an extra dose of comfort. Colors are a big part of how you express yourself, which is why you'll find our sweatpants ranging from basic to bold. Classics like black and grey are always a solid choice, especially since they're effortless to style. You know that slouchy sweatshirt you practically live in, the crop top you wear to show off your yoga abs and the button-up tee you reserve for backyard barbecues with buds? They all look just right when paired with your favorite adidas Essentials sweats. Of course, for those creators who prefer to live life in full color, we have hues that bring the energy. Suit up in earthy greens or royal blues to stand out from couch to city.

When you live and breathe sport, you know the importance of rest and recovery. After leg-day at the gym or a chilly morning run, pull on a pair of adidas Essentials fleece pants to reward your tired muscles with comfort. We put extra care into making each pair of sweats extremely cozy, using extra-soft cotton and plush fleece plus stretchy elastane so you can unwind completely. Iconic logos connect you to our legacy of sport to keep your head in the game even when you're relaxing away from it. There's no missing the 3-Stripes running from waist to ankle — a symbol of authenticity, originality and athletic excellence. When challenges in sport arise, 3-Stripes athletes push through them. When goals are achieved, we set new ones. The adidas Badge of Sport logo shows up through this collection as a reflection of your tenacity and commitment to sport. adidas Essentials sweats also have handy details like drawcord-adjustable and elastic waistbands, pockets and ankle zips that take care of your needs so you can focus on recharging.

Whether you're an athlete relaxing after the gym or a fashionista bringing casual confidence into your wardrobe, adidas Essentials sweats have you covered with comfort and style. Pick the pair for you, from sleek, sporty looks to more relaxed designs. Feeling good is key to doing good, which is why super-soft fabrics give you the tools to focus on giving life your all. These pieces truly are essential. Comfortable. Classic. Undeniably adidas. Suit up to feel your best in adidas Essentials sweatpants.