adidas / November 2022

How to Measure Shoe Size

With every step you take, adidas has your back. Learn how to measure your shoe size at home so you can shop online with confidence.

From raging at a concert to taking a walk at sunset to going hard in the gym, your feet always support you and your endeavors, and it’s time to repay the favor. Research shows that up to 72% of people wear shoes that don’t fit. A poorly fitting shoe can cause calluses, bunions, and chafing. Knowing how to measure your shoe size will save you from discomfort and possible foot injury. Measuring your foot size and width will allow you to move comfortably in the shoes you purchase in the store or online.

How To Measure Shoe Size At Home

Measuring your foot at home is simple. Before measuring, put on the socks you typically wear with your trainers. Grab a ruler, tape, two pieces of paper, and a pencil. Once you have all your materials gathered, it’s time to start measuring!
1.  Tape one sheet of paper to a hard floor—this ensures your paper won’t slip or move while measuring your foot. Make sure your paper is taped adjacent to a wall. 
2. Standing flat-footed, place one foot on top of the piece of paper. Your heel should be slightly touching the wall behind you. With your pencil pointed straight down, trace the outline of your foot on the paper.  Mark the tip of your big toe and the outermost part of your heel.
3. After tracing your foot, use your ruler to measure the distance between your big toe and the outermost part of your heel to learn the length of your foot.  
4. Repeat this exact process on your other foot.

Finding Your Fit

Now that you know how to measure your shoe size at home, let’s go over how your shoes should fit. Once your new kicks come in the mail, test them out! Go on a walk or jog and pay attention to how they feel. Pay close attention to support, cushioning, and how much room you feel you have in your new shoes. 
Even when you know your shoe size, it’s essential to test out the shoes you order online because every shoe isn’t meant to fit the same. Walking, running, and hiking shoes serve different purposes, so they will naturally fit differently. Feet are known to swell when you are active, so regardless of the shoe you are purchasing, consider going up a half or full size when you know you will be using the shoe while exercising.

How Should Walking Shoes Fit?

Your walking shoes need to have extra room in the toe area. When these shoes are too snug, they can restrict the muscles in your foot. When finding the right fit, aim for walking shoes with a thumb’s width between your longest toe and the front of the shoe. Take advantage of our walking shoe guide to find a walking shoe that will go the distance with you.

How Should Running Shoes Fit?

Running shoes should have a snug fit throughout the foot with some room in the toe area. There should be half a thumb’s width of space at the front of your running shoe. Your heels should be locked in place in your running trainers. A snug fit around your heel and midfoot area is vital when finding the right fit for your running shoes. Explore our running shoe guide to find your best running partner yet. 

How Should Hiking Shoes Fit?

Your hiking shoes should fit snug overall but not uncomfortably tight. You want your foot to feel locked in place and highly secure in your hiking shoes. Be sure you're able to wiggle your toes comfortably. There should be room in your toe box since your toes will slide downward when you are walking downhill. Hiking shoes shouldn't be too wide because you don't want your heels to move up and down in the shoe.
Understanding how to measure your shoe size is the first step in making sure your feet are supported and cared for. All shoes, whether for style, working out, or outdoor activities, fit differently. Discover adidas’s well-known size guides to find your perfect fit.
adidas / November 2022