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Women’s Workout Hats

Women’s workout hats are essential for any occasion. Wear one on days when the sun is blaring, training sessions at the gym or chilly days when you need an extra layer between you and the weather.
Training Grey Comfort CapTraining Grey Comfort Cap
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Comfort Cap


Training Multicolor 4NWNL CapTraining Multicolor 4NWNL Cap
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Training Black Pride CapTraining Black Pride Cap
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Pride Cap


Women's training hats are must-haves in your gym bag:

  • All About Versatility: Keep cool and focused in adidas women's athletic hats, helping you stay in the zone whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run or playing your favorite outdoor game.
  • Eye Shade: Women's training caps provide essential shade for your eyes, ensuring uninterrupted focus during outdoor training so you can push your boundaries.
  • Lightweight: adidas women's training caps offer the ultimate lightweight coverage for your head, keeping distractions to a minimum so you can stay focused on your training goals.
  • Keep Ventilated: adidas women's athletic hats are crafted with advanced breathable features such as mesh panels and laser perforations, ensuring optimal airflow to keep you cool and focused when the temperature rises.
  • Styles for Everyone: With a range of designs and hat profiles to choose from, you can find the perfect women's training caps to complement your fitness attire.

Women's training hats help you stay prepared for any occasion, your versatile companion for all your active pursuits.