Women's adidas Originals Skirts & Dresses

Cool, cute, comfort. Slip into adidas women’s Originals skirts and dresses for easy outfits that still look chic.
Originals White Pride DressOriginals White Pride Dress
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adidas Women's adidas Originals Skirts & Dresses

Every day brings something different, and these women's adidas Originals skirts and dresses make sure that whatever it has in store, you're ready for it. In this diverse selection of women's adidas Originals skirts and dresses, you'll discover nothing but options and endless style. There are lounge dresses, bold dresses, casual dresses and definitely dresses for dancing — just look at adidas Originals dresses made from stretchy material or with a loose shape, or perhaps both. Every material and fit were designed for your comfort. All about expression, women's adidas Originals skirts and dresses make sure you're able to fully express yourself, whatever that looks like.

You can let women's adidas Originals skirts and dresses speak for you, or just match your attitude, when you choose bright colors or bold graphics and prints. If minimalism is more your vibe, there are women's adidas Originals skirts and dresses that keep things simple, with solid colors and subtle branding. Women's adidas Originals skirts and dresses don't just stick to the usual materials of soft cotton or sleek nylon. You'll find those too, but you can also feel the comfortable luxury of plush velour, satin and velvet. You might even find some faux-leather thrown into the mix, or super-shiny dresses and skirts. Whatever you're looking for, it's here for you.