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Women's Golf Skirts & Dresses

Step onto the course ready to play at your peak. Women's golf skirts and dresses from adidas combine a breathable knit with a soft and stretchy build. Finish gearing up for the course with women's golf pants.

adidas Women’s Golf Skirts and Dresses

Flow effortlessly through your round with adidas women’s golf skorts, skirts and dresses. The breezy, relaxed comfort is ideal for going after your lowest score yet. Short golf skirts move fluidly with you from the tee box to the putting green, while skorts offer the same look as a skirt with flexible, supportive shorts underneath. A golf dress delivers an all-in-one outfit with unmatched range of motion. Four-way stretch fabric means you can be confident in ultimate freedom of movement through your swing along with performance fabrics that keep you dry and focused on your next shot. Sweat-absorbing technology keeps you dry all the way to the 18th hole. On sunny days, UV-blocking materials have you covered. Primegreen styles are made with a series of high-performance recycled materials to reduce waste while supporting your game. Whether you choose a dress or a golf polo paired with a skirt or skort, enjoy a modern athletic look that works on the course, relaxing in the clubhouse or around the city. Shop adidas for women’s golf skirts, dresses and skorts in a range of lengths and sizes to get out on the links and swing away.

Women's Golf Skirts & Dresses Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about what to wear under a golf skirt, consider comfort as well as the rules of the course you’ll be playing. Players often wear short tights under their golf skirt for coverage. Some women’s golf skirts come with shorts already built in. More traditional courses and clubs with stricter rules might require an underlayer, especially if the skirt is shorter. The LPGA has also said that players can wear leggings under their skirts (though not on their own).
The minimum length of your golf skirt depends on the rules of the course you’re playing. Professional players typically get more leeway to break rules on skirt length, but for everyone else many courses and clubs require longer skirts. Women’s golf skirts can range from 13 to 18 inches long. Choose a length that’s comfortable to play in and won’t get you kicked off the course.
Golf skirts and tennis skirts are a little different. Each is geared toward the specific movements and conditions of the sport. Women’s golf skirts are typically longer, with deep pockets for balls and tees. Tennis skirts are usually shorter, with space to carry extra balls in built-in shorts. Tennis skirts are made with fabric that stretches so players can run, jump, leap and lunge. In general, golf skirts don’t need to offer as much mobility. You could wear a tennis skirt golfing, assuming the course allows it, but it would be harder to wear a golf skirt for tennis.