Women's Clima Shorts

It's always 72 degrees and sunny in women's Clima shorts from adidas. Moisture-wicking technology keeps any workout on track.

adidas Women's Clima Shorts

Keep dry and comfortable no matter where the day takes you in our women's Clima shorts. Climalite, a moisture-wicking technology now known as AEROREADY, helps keep you dry by wicking moisture before it cools down, so you can keep focused on your morning run, workout or active day. Women's running Clima shorts like the Pacer have a tight, stretchy build to encourage a full range of motion in all the different ways that you move. The high-rise, stay-put waistband provides coverage and holds you in. AEROREADY makes sure you stay dry and comfortable as you go. It doesn't matter how you feel when you start your workout. How you feel when it's over is where it counts. These women's Clima shorts are a reason to keep showing up and working toward your goal. Just slide into them and tackle your workout routine with confidence.

When you're simple and to the point, our 3-Stripes women's Clima training shorts do the trick. Slip them on for biking, stretching or working on your core. The classic 3-Stripes are on the sides to give them that timeless style. Organic cotton gives the stretchy material a nice soft feel, perfect for when you're on the move. If you want a different spin on your look, then try the Neuclassics women's Clima athletic shorts. The iconic 3-Stripes wrap around one leg for an asymmetrical look to give them a fresh spin. Soft cotton with just enough stretch keeps you comfortable, whether you're kicking it into gear, ramping up the intensity or finishing strong before you call it a day. You can also wear them as part of a casual outfit. Mix or match with anything in your wardrobe, and move comfortably the minute you walk out the door.

If you need a little more coverage, look no further than the Optime women's Clima running shorts. They're made like leggings, with a little bit of extra length so you can use them for more than just biking. We know it doesn't matter how you feel when you start your workout — it's how you feel when it's over that counts. These women's Clima shorts can be the reason you show up day after day. They're made to fit tight, with just enough stretch to move freely while minimizing distractions. Put them on and feel a full range of motion in each and every way that you move. The high-rise, stay-put waistband provides coverage in your abdominal area and holds you in while you stretch, walk or pedal away. AEROREADY makes sure you stay dry and comfortable as you go, so nothing gets between you and your workout.

When you want to tackle challenging workouts and long yoga sessions, it doesn't get better than a pair of Techfit women's Clima shorts. Whether you're putting in work with a set of squats, jumping rope or taking part in a high-intensity interval training class, these adidas short tights move with you. They fit snug like a second skin, offering lightweight support through every bend, stretch and flex of your routine. Moisture-absorbing AEROREADY keeps you dry, so you always have the confidence to go for another set of reps or push for a new personal best. So what about that tough stretch of the month? Our period-proof Techfit tights have a no-show multilayered protection system that protects against leakage when worn with a cup, tampon or pad. Now you can move freely and show your period who's boss. Check out all the different colors, patterns and designs of women's Clima shorts, and keep comfortable while you chase your next best.