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Women's Running Bottoms

Settle into your pace in women's running bottoms from adidas. They deliver sweat-wicking comfort, stretch and support to keep you going through any distance.

adidas Women's Running Bottoms

Never let the temperature get in the way with adidas women's running bottoms. There's nothing worse than getting too hot while out trying to beat your fastest laps. Or getting cold and stiff on those surprisingly chilly days. Regardless, wearing the wrong gear can be a nightmare, especially when you're miles from home and can't quickly change. That's why we've created a full range of workout bottoms, so you can always be comfortable during every workout. If you get hot easily, various lengths and styles of shorts will allow your skin to breathe and keep you cool on the go. You'll be breezy on even the hottest days.

When the temp drops and you need to keep warm, adidas training tights and leggings will stop you from getting chilled. Tech including AEROREADY will keep you from overheating when the workout intensifies, so you can always be comfortable. And with a range of colors, patterns and designs that are constantly being updated for style and performance benefits, there's a choice tailored for every individual and every sport. When you really want to impress, options from collabs with designers like Stella McCartney will keep you looking fresh and stylish. And there are fits for every shape and size too, so you can get the perfect-fitting apparel ready to tackle every exercise that comes your way. So shop our collection of adidas women's running bottoms, and always be ready for your next big achievement.